What can a wardrobe bring to your bedroom?

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A good bedroom is a thing of beauty, the hidden jewel of your home. But like all hidden wonders, it sometimes goes unappreciated compared to rooms which traditionally get top billing. In this blog, we’re going to rebalance that perception, illuminating some gorgeous options for this most intimate space.

Why focus on the bedroom?

This is one room where you absolutely don’t have to compromise. The bedroom is your temple, your inner sanctum, where you can create the ideal hiding place from the cares of the world. Other rooms are shaped by what might delight – and impress – your visitors, but the bedroom is just for you.

The bedroom is also somewhere you’re guaranteed to see at least twice every day. Some days you might be in a rush and skip breakfast, shower at the gym, or get in late and have no time for watching TV. Far less common is missing out on the satisfaction of sinking into the welcoming embrace of your own bed at the end of the day.

Since you’ll be spending time here so regularly, why wouldn’t you take special care when kitting it out? Best of all, you can achieve an incredible feel with just a few carefully chosen pieces of contemporary Italian furniture.

Catering to the irregular

Let’s focus on wardrobes. We’ve got all the love in the world for a great bed, but since we’re inviting a fresh perspective on interior design, why not shine a light on a key piece of bedroom furniture that sometimes gets neglected.

A contemporary fitted wardrobe can be built to your specifications, making use of irregular spaces and corners to achieve a snug fit, maximising storage in even the most awkward bedrooms. You can turn a difficult corner into a beautiful, orderly storage unit, or play to its character with a design that truly stands out.

Inside, you can go to town on customising your new Italian wardrobe for a specific purpose. If you’re a shoe fanatic, you can fill it with compartments to keep your favourite pairs within easy reach. Alternatively, deluxe chrome trouser racks and increased hanging space can bring serenity to the most diverse garment collections.

The philosophy behind modern Italian furniture design centres around elegance and effortlessness. Adding optional extras like internal LED lighting to your wardrobe makes browsing easy, while a soft closing device makes tucking your clothes away a joy, an artistic act in itself.

It’s all about taking a fun, playful perspective, celebrating what makes the space yours.

Expressing your uniqueness

Hinged wardrobes are a beloved, enduring bedroom favourite, with good reason. Whether fitted or free-standing, they open up endless options for personalisation. Something like the Spring hinged wardrobe by Jesse, one of our favourite Italian furniture designers, is a perfect example.

Jesse maxi wardrobe

Jesse maxi wardrobe

With its striking linear design and subtle, robust handles, this piece can add an air of understated elegance to your bedroom. Matched simply with a real Italian rug or a floor lamp like Foscarini’s Aplomb, you can create an almost futuristic atmosphere.

Or what about the hinged glass wardrobe from Caleido? Its warm, cheerful colour fuses with cutting-edge design to create a timeless classic. This piece would suit a busier bedroom, alongside a bedside table stacked high with your favourite books.

Glass Wardrobe

Hinged wardrobes tend to be compact, versatile, and less expensive than other varieties. This makes them perfect when space is an issue, but if you’ve got some room to play with, there are other options…

Filling a beautiful space

What about a sliding door wardrobe? These iconic pieces can turn big chunks of floor space into efficient storage which delights the eye. They tend to be larger than their hinged cousins, but none of that space gets wasted.

For example, the Maxi from Jesse is almost imposing in its grandeur. With the right accompanying pieces, it can hold your entire bedroom together and create a cohesive, dignified look.

If you want to take things up a notch, consider a walk-in wardrobe. With or without doors, our designers can help you craft a clothes hoarder’s dream with an incredible range of options. Glass shelves, pigeonholes, pull-out racks, and LED lighting are just some of the elements we can bring to the finished piece.


Best of all, you don’t even need to begin with the classic side-room leading from your bedroom which comes to mind when you think of the typical walk-in wardrobe. Modern Italian furniture design makes liberal use of stud walls to divide larger spaces exactly as required.

The heart and soul of modern Italian furniture

Has this blog inspired you to take a fresh look at your own bedroom? As a top supplier of Italian furniture in the UK, we can help you revitalise this space in style and comfort.

Come visit us in our Cambridge showroom for a chat over coffee, or call us on 01223 327463 and let us put our world-class furniture expertise in your hands.

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