Wallpaper in modern interiors

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Using wallpaper in your interiors can be a great tool to create a breath-taking look. Wall coverings can add a touch of luxury, texture and colour to any room in your house. Keep reading to find inspiration for your next project.


Wallpaper in the bedroom as a feature wall behind the bed can help you achieve the grand headboard look. By choosing soft, neutral colours that relate to your bedding or bed frame, it will create a dialog between the wall and bed.

Alternatively, you can go bold and play with the wallpaper, making it the centrepiece of your bedroom. Make sure you keep the furniture and other soft textiles neutral or within the same colour palette. It will help to avoid making the room feel heavy.

Dining Room

Modern wallpaper is the perfect way to add a wow-factor and allure. Dress your walls in decisive, modern patterns to create an entertaining space.

Experiment with bright colours and bold patterns in your dining room. Floral and stripes are always a great choice, but with so many wallpaper designs now, we dare you to go for something extraordinary.

Entrance / Hallway

Make the best first impression in your home and create a welcoming entrance that your guests will love and be inspired by. Hallway wallpaper can determine the expectations for the rest of the house, so make an impact! Patterned wallpaper is a great way to add personality to your hallway.  Whether you opt for plain colour or bold powerful design – it never should be boring.

Living Room

Living Room is a place for you to relax after a long day, watch a movie or read a good book. When it comes to making a statement in the living room, wallpaper is your go to. Whether you aim for a sophisticated and modern, romantic or vibrant interior, there is a wall covering to match all the styles.

Home Office

Adding wallpaper to your home office can help you create a nice atmosphere that will inspire you to work and keep you focused.


Using wallpaper in the bathroom is a great way to add a splash of colour and texture to a room that can sometimes be designed just with functionality in mind. Using Glasswallpaper or waterproof wallpaper is a great modern way to transform your bathroom.

Have we inspired you?

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