The pleasure of staying home

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We hear people complaining about having to stay home, but after all its for our own safety.  Bars and shops closed, offices turned their activities into smart working, streets became empty and silent. The daily madness and rush hours are forgotten, so it’s time to rediscover the pleasure of spending days at home and enjoying the activities that you never find time for. Let’s stay positive!

This is our guide how to enjoy your home
Start the day right

Breakfast that you don’t have to eat while commuting on the train or dropping kids off to school. Enjoy it! Make something delicious that you only normally have time to enjoy on Sundays. Brew your favourite coffee and drink it slowly in peace before your kids wake up.

Turn into a master-chef

You finally have time to experiment in the kitchen with all the dishes that require time and patience. Add some extra flavour to every meal, we are sure your family will enjoy it! And why not share a picture or two on social media. Inspire others and share your recipes.


If you are working from home, make sure you stick to a routine. Morning workout or walk, shower, get dressed, have a delicious breakfast and stay productive allowing yourself a generous lunch/ coffee breaks

You time

Pick up a book that has been waiting for you on your bedside table for months, discover your hobbies, do some DIY at home, listen to music, create new games with your kids. Whatever suits you best! But enjoy it!

Big Tidy up

Another nice activity is tiding up the closets and preparing them for a seasonal change. Arrange clothes and accessories in the wardrobes or sideboards in a different way: we could discover new ways to optimise space and refresh our wardrobe.

You can also  probably see all the trees blossoming outside your windows? Spring is here, let’s get ready for summer! And if you was planning on updating your house, NOW is the best time! Our designers can work remotely on your interiors, which means when we all goes back to normality we will be ready to transform your space!

Get in touch with one of our designers today. Email us on or give us a ring on 01223 327 463


Stay safe, stay healthy, keep connected!

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