The most elegant and practical tables/ coffee tables are made of CERAMIC

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Innovative use of ceramic in furnishing has become extremely popular this year. Ceramic is long-lasting, scratch and heat resistant as well as being a recyclable material. It has many qualities that make it the ideal material for making tops for tables and coffee tables. Its texture and finish satisfies the eye and touch.

Ceramic is extremely durable therefore tables with ceramic tops are suitable for any type of environment. You can use them in domestic spaces, offices  as well as restaurants and hotels. Forget the table cloth or place mats, ceramic doesn’t require much protection. It is a high quality product that works everyday.

Ceramic is hygienic and non-toxic material, therefore is very much so suitable for dining tables. Water and acid resistant as well as oil-repellent.  Table with ceramic top is an ideal surface for hosting dinner parties ( without fearing of any stains) or just having grand children around( any paint, marker pens or food are easily wipe able and no need to worry about scratches). Ceramic simply offers beauty without high maintenance.

Another feature of ceramic is the possibility of achieving maximum strength with very minimum thickness . As a result you get a compact, solid table with a light and elegant appearance. Most tables come extensible as well offering a sleek design for when its your time to host.

With ceramic coffee tables you can literately put your feet up and enjoy your favourite coffee or wine. No need to worry about spilt drinks or glass scratches.

To conclude ceramic is a very modern, smart and eco-friendly material. Furnishing your home with ceramic table or coffee tables means making choice that will last over time while surrounding yourself with simple, practical elegance.

You can view our selection of ceramic tables on our website.  If you need any help choosing the right table for you email us on or call us on 01223 327 463 to speak to one of our designers.  Alternatively visit our Cambridge showroom on Newmarket Road where we can discuss all available finishes and sizes.

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