The Ideal Lounge Chair

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In a modern house, the lounge chair is one of the key pieces in the house. It is here that we seek peacefulness and relaxation at the end of a long day. It is where a slow and lazy weekend morning begins when we drown ourselves in a good book, or enjoy coffee with a friend.

Living room armchair for the reading corner

In order to set the perfect reading corner in your living room you need to consider lighting as one of the most important aspects. The choice of the perfect armchair is next. Aim for piece where you can find all the comfort you need until you reach the end of a chapter. Enveloping shapes, high back and quality padding are the features to look for in the ideal armchair. It should be completed with a large bookcase or customised library wall and a side table to place books and cup of tea or coffee to accompany the reading.

Living room armchair for the conversation area

To create a small sitting area dedicated to entertaining your guests. For a catch up over coffee with a best friend,  glass of whiskey over politics discussions. The choice should fall on models with more open shapes with low back. Vintage armchairs in appearance, but modern in design will give the living room a refined and elegant appearance. Next to a small table with a lamp they will create the ultimate seat to relax in good company.

Living room armchair for the ultimate relaxation 

To relax and put your feet up after a very long day. Should be padded, with high back where you can lose yourselves with a glass of wine. Accompanied by footstool and a cosy blanket, would create your perfect spot to take a breath, relax and stop looking at the clock.

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