The fine art of modern Italian sofas

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When it comes to a purchase for you home which merits serious consideration, few individual pieces can provoke as much deliberation as the sofa. It is, after all, as much a visual focus point for the living room as it is a source of comfort and relaxation. It needs to be welcoming, it needs to be durable and it needs to be gorgeous.

Modern Italian furniture is famous for ticking all three of these boxes, allowing you to create the exact effect you want. Think in terms of personality, how should your living room reflect you? Remember, once you’re done serving them a delicious home-cooked meal, this is the room your guests will be spending the most time in. Do you want your sofa to match, coordinate or contrast with the rest of the décor?

Zone corner sofa

Compare or contrast?

If you’re looking for a matching sofa to blend with your room and create a unified, seamless look then you may want to replace your existing furniture with a matching set. The Class family of contemporary living room furniture from beloved designer, Vibieffe, is a set which combines the elegance and simplicity of Italian design philosophy with a rewarding sense of comfort. By combining the Class High Back Sofa with two matching High Back Chairs, for example, you’d be bringing cohesion and unity to your living space in a range of colours to match your other furniture.

On the other hand, picking out striking and dynamic pieces to stand out can breathe new life into a room. The Jelly Sofa, another Vibieffe piece, is a distinctive and inviting design which you can literally sink into. On the other hand, the Itaca Sofa from Contempo brings a bold use of lines and a futuristic feel to the front room. Depending on how your existing room is set out, either piece could provide a real talking point for your guests.

Speaking of your guests, consider complementing your existing sofa with a luxury Italian sofa bed and show them just how far your hospitality and good taste extends. The days of awkwardly-folding, lumpy affairs are over with gorgeous pieces like the Club sofa bed and the New Tank sofa bed. Both retain the chic simplicity of contemporary design philosophy without sacrificing functionality and comfort.

Throughout all this, remember that Belvisi furniture is built to order by our trusted suppliers in Italy. There are all kinds of ways these innovative sofas can be customised to fit your existing space, and the range of colours we offer is impressive. From deluxe Italian leathers to select fabric patterns, we’re sure to have the right options for you to mix and match with any environment.

jelly sofa

Accessorise. Accessorise. Accessorise.

While thinking of how a new sofa will interact with the rest of your living room, it’s worth noting that a few simple touches are often all it takes. The right accessories are as important for your home as they are for your outfit when it comes to bringing it all together.

Smaller living rooms with cosier furniture combinations can be made to instantly look more open and spacious with the addition of a well-chosen mirror. The same effect is achieved in larger, more sparsely populated rooms by a proper use of lighting. When you’re bridging the gap between two pieces of contrasting furniture, the right coffee table can act as a tasteful go-between.

If all this has put you in the mood to explore what you could achieve in your living room this spring, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the sheer scope of ideas open to you. Here at Belvisi we’re proud to offer a full interior design service to go with our furniture range. Whether you’re just looking for the perfect sofa to round off a cosy living space or a whole new spring look for your living room, come and visit our showroom in the heart of Cambridge for an espresso and a chat, or call us on 01223 327463.

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