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Sideboards: Beyond the dining room

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With the new range of luxury sideboards from Artigiana comprising our Titolo range of modern Italian furniture, here at Belvisi we thought it was time to shine a fresh light on these prestigious and charming pieces.

Sideboards saw their heyday in the 19th century when the possibility of a dedicated dining room became a reality for more households. Trends have changed over time and today our open-plan approach to interior design often isn’t compatible with a dining room. However, a tasteful sideboard to match your kitchen furniture can bring some of that deluxe old-time class to the modern home.

Many homeowners opt to include a sideboard in their line-up of furniture for the extra storage space it offers. Items which find a home in the kitchen but don’t get the rigorous use of most utensils are discretely stored away, with the flat top used to display fine china, lighting or other valuables to brighten up the kitchen and add unique character. It’s all about mixing elegant form with robust function.

tv wall unit

The evolution of luxury Italian furniture

So far so good, but you only need take a look at additions to our new Titolo range like this white gloss sideboard or this contemporary wall unit in order to fire your imagination. Their combination of world-class Italian craftsmanship and innovative storage makes a compelling case for their inclusion in any room.

The key here is storage. The elegance of these cutting-edge pieces of contemporary Italian furniture is matched by their capacity for discretely and securely holding all the many knick-knacks of modern life. Imagine one of these gorgeous sideboards as a TV wall unit, an understated, chic way to underline your TV and squirrel away batteries, wires or set up a games console.

There’s no need to limit this kind of thinking to the living room. Bedrooms and studies are both rooms where TVs are often placed, bringing with them the need to store accessories. This goes double for the bedrooms of teens and young adults for whom the quest for enough places to put (or hide) their belongings is a never-ending one.

Using a luxury sideboard to accompany wall-mounted decorations is a theme you can explore in real depth. A sideboard beneath one of these gorgeous mirrors or a favourite painting can create a characterful and cohesive-looking ensemble to decorate your home.

Remember that open-plan approach to interior design so beloved nowadays? By topping a long sideboard with a matching hutch you can even partition a multi-purpose room to lend definition to an otherwise open space.


Imagine your dream home

If you’ve taken inspiration from some of these ideas, the next step is finding ways to apply them in your own home. Remember that the Titolo range of deluxe Italian sideboards is a Belvisi exclusive which you won’t find elsewhere in the UK.

The beauty of our service is that all our furniture is custom-built to order in Italy. Do you need one of these sideboards with a slightly reduced width to fit a narrower hallway? Have you found the perfect wall unit for your enormous prized TV but just need it that tiny bit longer? These are the kinds of requests we accommodate on a daily basis.

Whether you’re looking for one piece of furniture to complete the look and feel of your perfect home or redecorating from the ground up with the help of a full interior design service, we can work with you to accommodate your desires and create the home you’ve been dreaming of. Just visit us in our showroom in the heart of Cambridge for an espresso and a chat, or contact us via our website.

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