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What makes our kitchens so special? The ability to customise and personalise most elements, the innovative storage solutions and the ‘ I want this in my kitchen’ accessories. Discover the features of our kitchens and you will never want to settle for a standard design.
Dishwasher / Fridge modules with niche

The modularity of our kitchens allows us to personalise your kitchen. The use of 75cm wide doors allows the dishwasher area to be equipped with open space. It is perfect for storing dishwasher tablets and cleaning products.

We can do the same with open tall unit next to your fridge. You can use it to store your red wine or soft drinks that do not need to be in the fridge.

Accessories for appliances

Specially designed pull-out accessories make the most of the space which is created by using standard size electrical appliances in our 75cm wide tall units. The accessories offer handy solution to storing your coffee pots, wine glasses and other small accessories. Convenient way of storing baking trays when not in use.

Walk in Corner Storage

Our large walk in corner cabinets can be configured in various models with several internal layouts allowing full personalisation. You can use it as shelved pantry storage, a small utility where you can place your washing machine or just a storage unit for hoovers and cleaning products.

Modules to contain

Tall units with retracting doors offers sleek and elegant kitchen design while providing internal solutions that satisfy all daily needs in the kitchen. The simple and fast door closing systems can hide inside anything from ovens, coffee machines, work spaces and wine storage. When not in use, just simply close the door and enjoy your clean, minimal kitchen.

Storage Solutions

Tall units are equipped with several modules allowing the dynamic and orderly organisation of food and accessories. The internal tall units can house integrated fridges and ovens. The addition of glass shelves and dedicated lighting offers the entire system a touch of sophistication.

Open elements

Different open storage solutions allow the side panels of bases and tall units to be personalised, making the end of units run or island usable. Range of boiserie panels let the kitchen system flow into living room, connecting both spaces while providing practical storage / display furniture.

Our aim is to create a functional and beautiful kitchens, contact one of our designers on info@belvisifurniture.co.uk , give us a ring on 01223 327463 or alternatively pop into our Cambridge showroom to discuss all possible solutions for your new kitchen.

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