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Modular wall units: New life for your living room

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We look at our new range of contemporary modular wall units, which offer inventive storage spaces and breathe new life into your living room.

With the living room, the clue is in the name. This is a place both to live and to showcase your life. Here you’ll be entertaining guests, relaxing with family and otherwise enjoying yourself in an atmosphere which should put you at your ease and reflect the uniqueness of your personality.

So when selecting the right modern furniture to round things off, you need pieces which are contemporary, look great and which tell your story. New for 2015, Belvisi’s modular collection from beloved Italian furniture suppliers, Novamobili, is a popular choice when it comes to mixing the cutting edge of contemporary Italian design philosophy with flexibility and creative control.

Novamobili wall unit

Bespoke modern living room furniture

The key here is versatility. In Novamobili’s own words, this collection celebrates “the home seen as both a starting point and a destination.” It’s a means of creating a cohesive, deeply personal look and feel for your home by combining elegant, durable pieces into a portrait of your dream living room.

Take a look at this composition. The bold, striking straight lines bisect each shelf, separating this discrete, chic storage from the elegantly simplistic base unit. With sliding doors finished in tangeri to accompany the rich, creamy bianco and rovere bianco shelving, this is a definitive design statement. What’s incredible is that you can create custom designs just as impressive yourself.

These compositions are like palettes, snapshots of inspiration from which you can mix and match individual pieces to create a living room which shows off not just the best of modern Italian furniture design but which is also unmistakably yours.

It’s not just about how you divide pieces; design innovations like the Novamobili Wave let you draw a smooth connecting line between individual elements to link them into a cohesive whole. Like paint strokes, these curved elements help you create artistic compositions like this, suggesting a work of modern art, as beautiful as it practical.

Novamobili wall unit with curved elements

Mix and match your dream living space

The modular nature of this collection makes matching with your existing furniture a breeze. The first time you sit back on the sofa of your dreams and you know you simply must have it, you want to be assured that there’s a way to make your whole room look right in context. The answer is simple with this versatile, flexible design. Whatever you decide the flagship for your living space will be, this is a sure way of creating a great-looking, natural accompaniment.

With this degree of versatility at your disposal, there’s no need to limit things to the living room. Wall units are a popular means of framing any room in your home as an alternative to bulkier, more static furniture pieces. Imagine a subtle, understated composition like this providing shelf space and an underline to the wall-mounted TV in your bedroom. Using modular wall units opens up your floor space and opens things up to give rooms a lighter, more open feel.

Belvisi’s bespoke furniture service

Here at Belvisi this kind of responsive approach to creating great furniture is nothing new to us. All our pieces are built to order by our trusted suppliers in Italy and shipped direct to our customers around the world. This has always given us a degree of freedom when it comes to customising furniture, but this collection breathes new life into our bespoke service.

Working with our customers to capture the true essence of what they want from their homes lies at the heart of what we do. As a family business, we know that the right environment for your loved ones is something you should never have to compromise on. Why not contact us or visit our showroom in the heart of Cambridge for a coffee and a talk about how this gorgeous modular furniture can set the perfect tone for your home.

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