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Whether you are updating your existing kitchen or installing a brand new kitchen in your house, it is tempting to go straight on pinterest or flick through the magazines for inspiration. However, there are few important things to think about first.

1.The space

With narrow kitchens, your options for re configuring the space might be limited. If you want an island, your room needs to be at least 3.6m wide or 4.6m wide if you want a decent island depth with overhand and stools. This is key to a practical and safe kitchen environment.

2.Move it, open it

If you cannot fit your dream kitchen into the current space, you should consider other possibilities. Move it to a different room or perhaps extend existing room to accommodate your new kitchen. There is nothing worse than squeezing inappropriate layout into a space that is not big enough.

3.Think laterally

If you have a smaller sized room and moving the whole kitchen is not an option, you might be able to put elements of your kitchen elsewhere. You could create a utility room in another part of the house to store the washing machine and dryer. A dresser or sideboard in the dining area could also provide additional storage that you cannot afford to fit in the kitchen.

4.Heart of the home

Kitchen has become the place where we socialise with friends and family, so keep this in mind when designing the space. Consider giving the best views, best access to daylight and predict where people can sit, hang out when they visit you.


Evaluate your current kitchen and the storage needed, conclude what kind of extra storage you need: just a simple shelf, more cabinets, baskets. Do you require more worktop space? Can you spare some worktop space and include tall units with generous storage?


Open-plan layouts need quiet dishwashers and less noisy extractors. Consider that when choosing your appliance to create a comfortable space where you can entertain and relax.

Don’t think about kitchen as a single room in the house, ask yourself how the space is going to affect the rest of the house? Could it make a good link space to improve flow around your home?

Talk to one of our designer if you need help establishing the layout or position of your kitchen. You can contact us on or call us on 01223 327463. Alternatively visit our Cambridge showroom where you can view some of our kitchens on display.

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