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Few tips and points to consider when kitchen planning. We are looking at space, practicality and making your kitchen unique to your home and family.

  • Key things to consider when thinking about design of your new kitchen

One of the first things to consider should be whether this will be your family home forever or just one for the next couple of years. This can majorly influence your budget as well as style. If you are planning on not going to be in the property long – term and selling it in few years you may opt for more neutral and universal layout and style for your kitchen.

When it comes to space, you should consider the function of the room. Is it just a kitchen?Will it be an open space with dining and living space combined to provide the social area?Can you accommodate separate utility area or will it be incorporated into the kitchen? If so, we suggest to separate washing machine area from the hob / sink area. That will reduce mess and taking up valuable kitchen space with laundry items.

When considering completely new space, it is wise to reflect on your current or past kitchen. Make notes of what didn’t work, like for example lack of storage space or prep area. Also take a note of the positive factors like positioning of pull out racks by the hob or anything that works perfectly for you in your kitchen.

  • Make your kitchen personal

Colour and material choice is key in making your kitchen unique and can make a huge difference between two similar style kitchens.

Splash back can act as a feature in your kitchen, by adding splash of colour or different texture can allow the homeowners to let their personality shine through.

  • Absolute must-have in a new kitchen

The main must-have for a new kitchen is a good balance of storage and preparation space. We can make any design look good, but kitchen has to be practical considering storage and everyday use of kitchen. Waste and recycling storage is key as well as clever units with pull out storage and mechanisms that allow to make the most of every corner.

  • Accessories worth investing in

Hot water tap like Quooker is extremely popular, freeing up space on the counter as a kettle is no longer required. They are great for saving time with cooking as well as making tea or coffee in second. We have fitted one in almost every kitchen we have installed lately.

Internal accessories like spice racks, corner inserts, bottle storage and internal drawers all contribute to maximising on storage, making the kitchen work exactly how you need it.

Book an appointment with one of our designers to discuss your dream kitchen. Any size, any shape we can make it beautiful and most importantly, we can make it work for you.

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