Guide to modern furniture

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A short guide on how to achieve modern interior and minimalist look by choosing the right furniture and complements for your house.

Transforming your home to give it a modern contemporary look and feel with give a minimalist open look to your rooms with no overcrowding.

The basics of minimalism include a “less is more “approach to designing a space. This means there are no superfluous details such as columns, mouldings, cabinet trim, and excessive use of colour or textiles. It however does not mean it will make your space look cold! Careful choice of colours and furniture will create an inviting, warm feeling.

The idea behind modern interiors is neutral background, no complicated patterns, simple crisp lines, functional furniture that blend together. Addition of few bold elements in accent colours to help break up the neutrals and provide focal points.

The range of materials that are used in modern style very much so natural: glass, steel, wood and leather as well as natural fibres.

Modern design employs a sense of simplicity in every element.

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