Furnishing small kitchens and poorly lit areas

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Space optimisation in the kitchen is very important and the modular kitchens offer various solutions for not sacrificing ergonomics and practical considerations.

When furnishing small spaces, the role of the kitchen designer can be very valuable: depending on how the kitchen will be used, he or she can help you to choose from a variety of space-saving solutions.

If you like to have guests round for dinner , but your home will not allow you to choose a table big enough to seat all your friends, you could for example opt for a fold-away table, which when required will provide all the extra places you need. To get a better idea view our dining tables collection or call us for and advice 01223 327463.




Cattelan-Convivium is a clever table that will help you maximise the space.

If you haven’t got the classic storage closet in which to keep all your cleaning items, you could instead choose a kitchen with storage cabinets, to keep everything neat, tidy and close to hand.

When planning your kitchen, try to make sure there is enough space to move about easily: working in tight surroundings can be dangerous, as well as not being much fun.


Stosa-Reply-Kitchen-Contemporary-Italian-Kitchen-Cambridge-LondonIf you dream of a kitchen with a peninsula or with a centre island, but the space is limited, there are a few ideas that allow the right compromise to be found, such as providing a snack counter for short breaks, where you can read emails or organise a little aperitif, separating the kitchen from the lounge in a practical way .

Practicality and aesthetics can also be provided by pull out storage units.Until a short while ago in kitchen design there were always unused spaces, even if just a few centimetres, that were covered by fillers and panels. Today these can be exploited with the pull out storage units that even in just 15 cm give us a useful compartment for storing jars and tins, or for keeping brooms and cleaning materials.

Corners too, usually hard to access can be made functional and practical by the use of corner units with pull out shelving ,that make even the most inconvenient areas much more accessible.

 If you have areas without much light. We have the solution!

For small and dark rooms the best colour is without doubt white, because it illuminates and reflects the light. Some may fear it is rather bland, but in actual fact it is anything but an uninspiring colour and offers various customisation. options. Choices can be made between warm or cold colours, woods with different grains, matt or gloss lacquered smooth surfaces, and many more solutions including matching with the worktop.

Take a look at our modular kitchens to find the space-saving solution that’s right for you! Come and visit our showroom where we will be happy to choose your dream kitchen. Our Cambridge showroom is open every day and the Stosa London Showroom is open for appointment only. Call us to book your appointment. We are looking forward to seeing you soon for a lovely Italian Espresso! Ciao

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