Guest room furniture

Decorating the guest room: Modern Italian hospitality

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Making the most of your home means ensuring that every room is special, both a functioning part of a beautiful whole and a statement by itself. When it comes to the guest room, things can get tricky. A lot of our customers come to us to discuss how they can create a space which is comforting enough to instantly put guests at their ease, but versatile enough to appeal to friends, family and whoever else they might end up hosting.

Guest room furniture

The perfect guest room furniture

Space is always the first consideration. In most homes, the guest room is unlikely to be as large as the main bedrooms, so you need to think about how to turn this into an advantage. Choosing a lighter colour scheme, working in creams, light blues and similar soft shades can exaggerate the available space and make rooms look more open.

By the same token, using space-saving furniture can help give your guests the best of both worlds. Something like the New Tank sofa bed or the Club sofa bed, both from beloved Italian furniture designers, Vibieffe. A great sofa bed gives guests a comfortable means to wind down in the evening until bedtime, where they can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

If you’re lucky enough to have some more space to work with you can choose from the fantastic range of modern Italian beds we stock at Belvisi. Remember, all our furniture is built to order so no matter what your available space, talk to us and in most cases we’ll be able to customise the perfect bespoke piece for your guest room.

Guest room furniture

How to accessorise the guest bedroom?

The right accessories can also help set the perfect tone for your guests. The trick lies in knowing how far to go. You certainly don’t want a melancholy, empty-looking guest room, but just stuffing it with items you don’t want elsewhere in the house can look messy and provide unnecessary distractions while your guests are trying to sleep.

It helps put guests’ minds at ease if they feel like they look their best. A good mirror is a must for the guest room as it helps them get ready, looks great and helps open up the space in smaller rooms. Carefully selected pieces of art adorning one or two of the other walls round off this effective use of wall space.

A bedside table or cabinet is a must, not only for your guest’s assorted bits and bobs, but also for the host of small touches you can add. A few books with a broad appeal can help them unwind, so long as there’s ample lighting for them to enjoy a read. In this, you can opt for a luxury table lamp to match your cabinet or a gorgeous wall light to illuminate the room. Either way, a gloomy guest room is something to avoid.

Something that often goes unconsidered in a guest room is keeping the temperature right. A room that doesn’t see use as often as others can find itself at the mercy of the elements, so a portable heater/air conditioner can be a discrete solution. Alternatively, for rooms with wooden floors a fine Italian rug can help keep guest’s toes warm should they wake up and walk around in the night.

Talk to us about how to decorate your guest room

Of course, nobody knows what will create the perfect environment for potential guests better than you. We love talking the subject over with our valued customers, taking their ideas and articulating them in the language of luxury contemporary Italian furniture. If you’re stuck on how to decorate and furnish your guest room, call us on 01223 327463 or visit our showroom in the heart of Cambridge.

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