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How to achieve functional kitchen?

Looking for ideas for your new kitchen? You find yourself admiring all the kitchens in the magazines?  All suggest the trendy combinations and use of materials with the most amazing visual impact.

But how to find the right balance between aesthetics result and functionality and comfort?  Because not every beautiful design proves to be practical in terms of use and maintenance.

Kitchen- the most lived-in environment of the house. The furniture in the kitchen are subjected to daily use, and there is nothing worst than badly designed kitchen.  It may mean that you do not have what you need on hand or that you don’t have the right storage space in the right position.

It is therefore essential to think about how you gonna use the kitchen when planing it.

Our kitchens come with wide range of accessories to use all available space to the maximum.

The requirements for what a kitchen must have are constantly evolving because our lifestyles are changing.

Today when buying a kitchen you can count on access to a huge amount of information on products and solutions and that considerably increases awareness of what is desired. Especially when it comes to the kitchen furniture that has not only and aesthetic and decorative function.

What do we mean when we talk about kitchen ‘ quality’  ?

A durable product, with attention to detail and equipped with hardware and technological accessories that are efficient and resistant to use.

The kitchen must also be designed to meet the principles of ergonomics,  the relationship between human body, the space in which it lives and works and the tools it uses. 

Quality and ergonomics are transformed into the choice of best materials for performance and durability.

What does it mean to have a comfortable kitchen ?

In order to be able to feel good in the kitchen, everything must have its place, identified according to how we move and use the space. 

It is essential to have an extensive and well organised plan that includes a cooking area, washing and prepping space.

What makes kitchen functional ?

Variety of interior accessories, which make the organisation of the spaces optimal, in order to have utensils and cookware within reach. 

A perfect example of this are the revolving or ex tractable baskets, which allow you to make the most of the corner unit. Help you achieve very convenient access even to the most distant points and take advantage of all available space. 

The full extension columns allow the use of all the space from 15 to 60 cm in width. 30cm wide units also available with a rotation system that allows access to food with ease. 

All the shelves are removable, making cleaning immediate and simple. 

The interior lighting with spotlights and lamps for the compartments is designed to facilitate the visibility within the unit. 

Every single detail has been designed to make the kitchen as functional as possible. 

The materials chosen for the kitchen top, the sink are also fundamental. Opt for scratch, heat and stain resistant tops, as well as non-reflective surfaces to help with the cleaning.

With our kitchens it is not necessary to sacrifice aesthetics in the name of practicality, because all our kitchens are designed in every little detail resulting in durable, functional and beautiful kitchens.

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