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The most elegant and practical tables/ coffee tables are made of CERAMIC

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Innovative use of ceramic in furnishing has become extremely popular this year. Ceramic is long-lasting, scratch and heat resistant as well as being a recyclable material. It has many qualities that make it the ideal material for making tops for tables and coffee tables. Its texture and finish satisfies the eye and touch.

Ceramic is extremely durable therefore tables with ceramic tops are suitable for any type of environment. You can use them in domestic spaces, offices  as well as restaurants and hotels. Forget the table cloth or place mats, ceramic doesn’t require much protection. It is a high quality product that works everyday.

Ceramic is hygienic and non-toxic material, therefore is very much so suitable for dining tables. Water and acid resistant as well as oil-repellent.  Table with ceramic top is an ideal surface for hosting dinner parties ( without fearing of any stains) or just having grand children around( any paint, marker pens or food are easily wipe able and no need to worry about scratches). Ceramic simply offers beauty without high maintenance.

Another feature of ceramic is the possibility of achieving maximum strength with very minimum thickness . As a result you get a compact, solid table with a light and elegant appearance. Most tables come extensible as well offering a sleek design for when its your time to host.

With ceramic coffee tables you can literately put your feet up and enjoy your favourite coffee or wine. No need to worry about spilt drinks or glass scratches.

To conclude ceramic is a very modern, smart and eco-friendly material. Furnishing your home with ceramic table or coffee tables means making choice that will last over time while surrounding yourself with simple, practical elegance.

You can view our selection of ceramic tables on our website.  If you need any help choosing the right table for you email us on or call us on 01223 327 463 to speak to one of our designers.  Alternatively visit our Cambridge showroom on Newmarket Road where we can discuss all available finishes and sizes.

The Ideal Lounge Chair

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In a modern house, the lounge chair is one of the key pieces in the house. It is here that we seek peacefulness and relaxation at the end of a long day. It is where a slow and lazy weekend morning begins when we drown ourselves in a good book, or enjoy coffee with a friend.

Living room armchair for the reading corner

In order to set the perfect reading corner in your living room you need to consider lighting as one of the most important aspects. The choice of the perfect armchair is next. Aim for piece where you can find all the comfort you need until you reach the end of a chapter. Enveloping shapes, high back and quality padding are the features to look for in the ideal armchair. It should be completed with a large bookcase or customised library wall and a side table to place books and cup of tea or coffee to accompany the reading.

Living room armchair for the conversation area

To create a small sitting area dedicated to entertaining your guests. For a catch up over coffee with a best friend,  glass of whiskey over politics discussions. The choice should fall on models with more open shapes with low back. Vintage armchairs in appearance, but modern in design will give the living room a refined and elegant appearance. Next to a small table with a lamp they will create the ultimate seat to relax in good company.

Living room armchair for the ultimate relaxation 

To relax and put your feet up after a very long day. Should be padded, with high back where you can lose yourselves with a glass of wine. Accompanied by footstool and a cosy blanket, would create your perfect spot to take a breath, relax and stop looking at the clock.

We have the perfect lounge chair for you. Browse our collection to find the piece for your living room. Talk to one of our designers if you need help designing your space. Call us on 01223 327463 or email us on


Lighting Trends

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Interior lighting is the main aspect of any house design. It is the key to achieve perfect atmosphere in your home; therefore, it is important to pick the right lighting for every room as what works in the living room will not necessarily wok in the kitchen or bedroom. Lighting has to reflect the function and feel of each space. Like any part of interior décor, lighting design keeps changing; manufactures come up with advanced fixtures and bulbs creating the most beautiful pieces.

We have narrowed down the main trends to help you bring some light to your house.

Balancing art

Lighting is one of those complements that when chosen wisely can add style to contemporary homes. Modern floor lamps that challenge traditional ideas about balance, flight and suspension are used in interiors to create drama and establishing a beautiful focal point. Our favourite examples include: IC Light and Arrangements Lights by FLOS and Bardot Light by Bonaldo

IC Floor Lamp by Flos

IC Table Light by Flos

Bardot by Bonaldo

Arrangements by Flos

Arrangements by Flos

String Lights

Suspended Lighting with visible wires or strings. String Light by Michael Anastassiades for Flos featuring strings of passing electricity. It is a configurable lighting solution available as either conical or spherical shape. This contemporary pendant light can be transformed into a unique display in your home.

Strings Lighting by Flos

Retro Lighting

Retro- styling is still extremely popular in interior design. Lighting offers an easy way into these recurring trends. Few of our favourite pieces below

Acquarelli by Bonaldo

Balloons by Brokis

Glo-ball by Flos

Jack O’Lantern by Brokis

Full Circle

Modern homes are often boxy with sharp lines, it is important to include circular styles to soften the interior up. Lighting is a great way to do so. You can use round shaped lighting in subtle way or be bold with it.

Wirering by Flos

Sorry Giotto by Cattellani & Smith

Memory by Brokis


Globe lighting- simply beautiful soft curves with comforting light quality. White globes look gorgeous alone as well as part of a larger constellation. They look best suspended above the dining table like show with Planeta by Cattelan Italia but also modern table light Copycat by Flos.

Planeta by Cattelan Italia

Planeta by Cattelan Italia

Copycat by Flos

Glo Ball by Flos

Feeling inspired to upgrade lighting in your home? Browse our collection of floor, table lamps and wall and ceiling lights as well as suspended lighting. Many designer lights by brands such as Flos, Foscarini, Artemide, Moooi, Cattelan Italia, ModoLuce, and many more.