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Festive period is time when we come together with friends and family to celebrate, eat and drink. This post will show off inspiration for a luxurious Christmas dining space.

Table and chairs

Stunning tables from Cattelan Italia will be a centre piece of any luxury dining room. Ceramic, wood and marble tops with metal base creates a statement piece that’s beautiful and equality functional due to a large selection of extensible tables available.

With your dining table, make sure you allow it to take centre stage in your room to create a great first impression. Gold touches whether within the table design or tableware are the perfect addition to create Christmas atmosphere.

Creating the perfect festive look for your dining room doesn’t begin and end with table and decorations. It is all about the whole room including lighting, mirrors, candlelight and accessories. All of those make Christmas dining room look and feel extremely special.


Suspended lighting above the table with delicate warm light will create cosy and inviting atmosphere around the dining table.

Just imagine the ambient glow it would give to your Christmas parties at home.


Having a big, bold mirror add extra luxury to the Christmas dining room. There’s something very decadent about using a mirror to reflect candle lights around a room. Cattalan Italia mirrors are designer and breathtaking.


You can never have enough storage in your dining room to store additional glasses, plates and serving dishes. Sideboards are also great to place all your decorations, cards and gifts upon. Cocktail/ drinks cabinets are a beautiful way to store your fizz and fancy glasses. Cattelan Italia Boutique sideboard with glass door and leather interior is the perfect addition to any luxury dining room.

Drinks Trolley

Every dining table deserves a drinks trolley too, a great way to display your best bottles and functional way to serve drinks too.

If you enjoyed this little taste of luxury style dining room, browse our selection of fixed and extensible dining tables, modern dining chairs, functional and beautiful sideboards as well as mirrors and drink trolleys to add to your interior.

Contact one of our designers for a chat or to arrange an appointment to discuss your interior.  Email us on or call us on 01223 327 463, alternatively pop into our Cambridge showroom on Newmarket Road.





The perfect sofa bed

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In the coming months of festive season, many of us will host dinner parties and gatherings. Catching up with friends and family is one of the many things that makes Christmas so special.

Whether you are having your parents over for the festive period or friends staying after New Year’s Celebrations a good sofa bed should see you through the holiday season and beyond without any complaints from your house guests.

Campeggi. Sofa Bed

Now, furniture designers are wise to our wants. No longer do we have to put up with clunky fold-out mechanisms, paper-thin mattresses and bumpy seat cushions if we want our settee to transform into an occasional bed – the contemporary sofa bed has evolved.

Bonaldo. Azzurro Sofa Bed

Most conventionally styled models stick with the folding metal frame and mattress combination, albeit with a smoother pull-out system and a smart memory foam pad.

Bonaldo. Free Sofa Bed

At Belvisi Furniture you can find sofa beds both functional and aesthetically pleasant.  They will be a great addition to your living room or spare room where you have to compromise  on space. Perfect for the festive season!

Contact one of our designers on 01223 327 463 or email us to discuss sofa bed options for your house.

Hallway Design

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Your hallway sets the mood and tone for your entire home so create a welcoming space that reflects both your taste and the style of the rest of the house.

Cattelan Italia- Rapa Nui Console

Hallways, a place you never stay for more than a few minutes at a time, whether you prefer something bold and dramatic or calm and elegant, take your entrance hall from dull to delightful to make a great first impression.

This space should be practical as the hallway is where you put down those easy to misplace items like your keys, wallet and phone when you return at the end of a busy day. The key to success is to create a space that’s functional enough to keep all your important belongings to hand while still creating a sense of atmosphere as people enter your home.

Follow our few steps to designing the perfect, practical and timeless entrance to your home.


Consider the essential basic elements that will have an impact on the space. Creating a space that is as functional as it is decorative will help make sure you get to enjoy and show off your hallway.

Take the time to consider practicality; are shoes often found littered around the hallway? Does mail tend to pile up on a table by the door? Look at your lifestyle to create space that works with your habits. By building solutions to common problems into the design, your hallway will be a welcoming space when you walk through the door rather than one that reminds you of a list of unfinished household chores.

Your hallway can be a simple entryway or a transitional space that connects the rest of the rooms. Colour, lighting and texture will create the illusion of a more symmetrical space, so use clever tricks like feature walls and statement furniture to make a large space feel more intimate or a narrow hallway more open and inviting.

Narrow hallways sometimes struggle for natural light, but there are simple strategies you can use to maximise light if this is an issue in your space. Hard flooring will amplify light, while a stylish mirror opposite a window or door will help to bounce light around the space.

Your style will have an impact on every other design decision so take some time to consider the look you’re going for. Experimenting with deeper cool colours, statement pieces and metallic accessories will add glamour and sophistication to your space and achieve a luxurious look. Neutral / white walls, raw materials like metals and glass will create the perfect industrial minimalist look. For a more Urban look, choose a crisp white backdrop and bring it to life with architectural lines, bright pops of colour and striking pieces of furniture.

Luxurious Look. Cattelan Italia Console

Industrial minimalism. Sovet Console

Urban Look. Novamobili Sideboard


Because the hallway is a transitional space, you may only require one or two pieces of furniture at most. Choose each piece carefully to ensure that it embodies your own personal style.

Console Table or Sideboard 

The style of the hall table is key to the overall effect and should be both practical and beautiful. Storage is a priority so decide whether you need drawers or if a simple console table works better to provide space for the few items you always need close to hand. Measure your space carefully to make sure your console table doesn’t stick out too far from the wall and disrupt the flow of traffic through the house.

Sideboard. Novamobili

Console. Sovet

Sideboard. LAGO

Chair or bench

A small chair or bench makes it easier for guests to take off or put on their shoes and can also double as additional storage for items you want to keep tucked away. Place a bench beside the doorway or a chair in the opposite corner for easy seating. Make sure the seating your choose is proportional to the space; a large chair can help make a spacious entryway feel more intimate, while a simple streamlined choice will stop a narrower entrance from feeling cluttered.

Chair. Cattelan Italia

Bench. Novamobili

All in one 

With limited space you may want to opt for more of a bespoke unit combining all pieces you need in a hallway.

Easy Collection. Novamobili

Entrance. Caccaro

Wall Units. Caccaro


As we all know, there is never enough storage in the house. Therefore if you find that you tend to leave your coats, shoes and bags in the hallway, perhaps built in wardrobe would be the best solution to achieve clean, organised entrance.

Wardrobe. Novamobili

3.Finishing touches 

Your accessories and finishing touches are what really adds character to a space. Choose pieces that emphasise your personal style and create depth and interest as part of the finished look.


A mirror is an incredibly versatile accessory; reflecting light around the hallway and opening up rooms. The space you have will determine the style of mirror you select – for small or narrow spaces, keep fuss to a minimum with simple frames, or alternatively, in a more generous space, create more drama with an oversized or ornate piece.

Mirror. Cattelan Italia

Mirror. Flos


Accent lighting is a great way to create a sense of atmosphere as you enter the home. Create symmetry in your design by adding two matching lamps on the ends of your sideboard or console table. If your hallway tends to be dark and have shadows throughout the day, look for ambient overhead lighting that will radiate light around the space – instead of one overhead light fixture, use a few smaller fixtures or install recessed lighting instead.

Pouf, Chair, Lamp, Mirror. Cattelan Italia

Floor lamp. Cattelan Italia

Table Lamp. Cattelan Italia

Feature walls

The hallway is a great place to create a feature wall, and there’s a few different ways to achieve this look. Stylish shelving will create a chic focal point and more storage space where you can put some of your favourite items on display. On the other hand, a cluster of wall art is a wonderful way to bring personality to the space – choose frames of different sizes and finishes for an eclectic vibe or create a uniform display for a more glamorous look. Vibrant and eye catching wallpaper is another option to bring some colour and texture into the space.

Feature wall. Sideboard. LAGO

Londonart Wallpaper


Accessorising the hall gives you a great opportunity to bring more character to the space. You can showcase a few favourite items or help make otherwise functional items more practical. Opt for designer coat hangers, vintage mirrors or chairs and beautiful lighting.

Coat Hanger. Bontempi

Suspended hanger, Mirror, Lighting, Pouf, Shelf. Cattelan Italia

Do you think your hallway is boring and uninviting? Contact one of our designers on 01223 327463 for an advice. We can help you transform your entrance area with our beautiful console tables, mirrors, rugs and storage units.

Alternatively browse our collection now! And order in time for delivery before Christmas!

Hallway Design. Belvisi Furniture



Luxurious, modern bedroom essentials

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Nothing beats waking up in the morning feeling fresh and rested. When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, bedroom environment is everything. From subtle colours and delicate lighting to well-designed furniture all contributes to us being able to relax every night.
We have put together the essential furniture and complements your bedroom needs.

Choosing the right bed for your bedroom is one of the most important purchases you’ll make. We chose comfort and design. Quality frame and statement headboard upholstered in fabric or leather will make your bedroom appear soft and cosy. Next, invest in a premium mattress that will guarantee the best night sleep.

Our pick is Ludovic bed by Cattelan Italia, its modern and elegant design with a soft touch of upholstery makes it a perfect fit for any bedroom.


Contemporary bedroom storage should be sleek, discrete and made unique for you. Our ranges of modular wardrobes will meet everyone’s needs. From hinged door, sliding and flush closing sliding door to wardrobes with integrated TV modules or dressing tables all can be tailored to your lifestyle. With a huge choice of internal accessories, your wardrobe will be functional and organised at all times.


Creating an inviting bedroom requires layering. One of the easiest way to increase visual softness is with a beautiful rug and bed coverings. Our range of Gjill Fabula Living Rugs will add a perfect touch of luxury and softness to your bedroom.


No bedroom would be complete without a contemporary wall mirror. We recommend Sovet Italia mirrors, because of its simple and modern design it will make a timeless piece in your bedroom. Opt for large mirror positioned close to your dressing area, because it will be handy when trying on outfits as well as it will create the illusion of larger space.


Stunning lighting is a must in a bedroom. A decorative touch that can set the mood in your bedroom and create an intimate and inspiring interior. So for that reason we love Flos IC table lamp, providing a soft and delicate light.

Bedside tables

Bedside tables are perfect because you can keep small essentials at arm’s length. Drawer units provide discreet storage possibilities, keeping your bedroom organised and clean- a must for a restful sleeping environment. Jesse Plume Collection is perfect balance between storage and design offering great sense of lightness and elegance.

Chest of drawers

Must have additional storage space but also beautiful functional designer furniture. Our range of chest of drawers offers endless possibilities in terms of size, shape and finish.


Writing desk or a dressing table, you will find what you are looking for in our collection. A perfect piece of furniture to finish of your luxury bedroom.

Is there anything that your bedroom is missing, if so contact us today. Speak to one of our designers on 0122303270463, email us on or visit our Cambridge showroom.

Kitchen Design

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Few tips and points to consider when kitchen planning. We are looking at space, practicality and making your kitchen unique to your home and family.

  • Key things to consider when thinking about design of your new kitchen

One of the first things to consider should be whether this will be your family home forever or just one for the next couple of years. This can majorly influence your budget as well as style. If you are planning on not going to be in the property long – term and selling it in few years you may opt for more neutral and universal layout and style for your kitchen.

When it comes to space, you should consider the function of the room. Is it just a kitchen?Will it be an open space with dining and living space combined to provide the social area?Can you accommodate separate utility area or will it be incorporated into the kitchen? If so, we suggest to separate washing machine area from the hob / sink area. That will reduce mess and taking up valuable kitchen space with laundry items.

When considering completely new space, it is wise to reflect on your current or past kitchen. Make notes of what didn’t work, like for example lack of storage space or prep area. Also take a note of the positive factors like positioning of pull out racks by the hob or anything that works perfectly for you in your kitchen.

  • Make your kitchen personal

Colour and material choice is key in making your kitchen unique and can make a huge difference between two similar style kitchens.

Splash back can act as a feature in your kitchen, by adding splash of colour or different texture can allow the homeowners to let their personality shine through.

  • Absolute must-have in a new kitchen

The main must-have for a new kitchen is a good balance of storage and preparation space. We can make any design look good, but kitchen has to be practical considering storage and everyday use of kitchen. Waste and recycling storage is key as well as clever units with pull out storage and mechanisms that allow to make the most of every corner.

  • Accessories worth investing in

Hot water tap like Quooker is extremely popular, freeing up space on the counter as a kettle is no longer required. They are great for saving time with cooking as well as making tea or coffee in second. We have fitted one in almost every kitchen we have installed lately.

Internal accessories like spice racks, corner inserts, bottle storage and internal drawers all contribute to maximising on storage, making the kitchen work exactly how you need it.

Book an appointment with one of our designers to discuss your dream kitchen. Any size, any shape we can make it beautiful and most importantly, we can make it work for you.

Contact us on 01223 327463 or email our designer on



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The leaves are starting to drop and the clocks are about to change, so this means it’s time to look at the autumn/winter trends!  We’ve put together few of our favourites, have a look below as we show you how to incorporate those exciting trends in your home this coming season.
Peacock blue

This strong colour can be easily added to your interior in form of statement piece or splash of colour within the furniture. You can team it with a lighter colour like millennial pink or neutrals; this prevents the peacock shade from overpowering. Use a deeper shade of blue for the curtains and tableware to add depth and break up the scheme with a pop of mustard yellow and a big cushion or two as seen on a picture below.

Black furniture

Black accessories emerged as a trend last year, and a year later, it’s creeping into furniture, especially dining chairs. However don’t be afraid to add more black in your consoles, sideboards and accessories to add atmosphere to your interior or create a contrast in light spaces.

Comforting layers

With the nights drawing in and the autumnal clock changing imminently, it’s time to cosy up. One of the best ways to do this is to layer up your accessories using many beautiful textures and warming tones of amber and navy. We love the idea of two or three rugs overlapping each other as can be seen in our showroom using Fabula Living Rugs, it adds a lovely decorative feel to a room.


For those who don’t fancy colour, neutrals are perfect –elegant and sophisticated and oh-so-stylish. Use standout organic-shaped lighting as a focal point and match both pendant and table lamp for a cohesive look. Use a mixture of oatmeal tones teamed with rust for a cosy feel and pick a pale wood coffee table to complete the look. Complements with pale pinks and greens and blues for natural interior.


From dark rich green colours to exotic, energetic greens. It is a great colour to include in you home. Whether its by using it in furniture, plans or paint/wallpaper it adds calming tones to any interior.

Black Kitchens

The black in kitchens is staying!  For  2020, we are seeing a lot of bold cabinetry colours – people seem to be braver than they used to. Not only shades of green, but also, moving away from cool grey tones, we’re seeing more and more black. Black adds sophistication, drama and depth to the space, especially when dressed with statement metallic ironmongery and well-positioned lightning, which is essential to light up a darker scheme.

We are updating our Cambridge showroom kitchen display and a new black kitchen is making an appearance soon.

What is your favourite trend? If you need help applying some of the ideas in your interior, contact one of our designers on or give us a call on 01223 327463.

There is still time to transform your home in time for Christmas Celebrations. Get in touch with us now!