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Children’s bedroom furniture: Options for life

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When you’re decorating your children’s bedroom, you want to give them it all. To them, you’re a superhero so being able to give them their very own secret hideout is just part of the magic. Unfortunately, parents often face a reality check when it comes to working with the available space.

Many people we speak to struggle to combine the fun, colourful environment their little ones want with the practical limitations of what is usually a smaller than average room. Above all else, they want to know that the furniture they choose is safe and will stand the test of time.

Kid’s bedroom solutions with real Italian furniture

In our experience, it pays to take a step back and look at the big picture. What are you really trying to achieve with your kid’s bedroom furniture? What are the obstacles that stand in your way?

Battistella Nidi 11

Is it a matter of space? If so, think outside the box. In cases like that, the key lies in combining elements to maximise the floor space they need for playing and open up as much of the room as possible.

A room set up like this foldaway bedroom solution from Battistella puts their bed, desk, shelves and wardrobe all within arm’s reach of one another without compromising on comfort, style or durability. The imaginative folding bed is the star of this show, tying it all together as a dynamic centrepiece.

Maybe you’re contending with a room that’s an odd shape? In cases like that, it’s all about working with the room, not against it, to find new ways to include everything you need.

One solution might be this versatile composition. Even the tightest corners can be made to work wonders for you with raised storage, open shelves and a comfy bed tucked underneath.

For longer, narrower rooms, consider something like this combo with the Twiddy Plus drop-down bed. With a sturdy desk, bed and extensive storage aligned across one wall, floor space is maximised for playtime and adding the finishing touches to give them the space they’ll really love.

Long-lasting Italian children’s furniture for your home

What makes our selection of contemporary Italian bedroom furniture really stand out is the level of flexibility it affords your little ones. What’s great for your child now might not be just what they want or need in three years. Invest in an environment which they can mould around their changing tastes and it’ll pay dividends.

Battistella Nidi 6

Again, Belvisi and Battistella have you covered. With this bedroom furniture combo your children have all the fun and comfort that comes with the very best of modern Italian furniture, but with the ability to mix and match multiple bed configurations for sleepovers or just that little bit more room to spread out!

Alternatively, this composition is fully mobile on durable rails and castors, perfect for when they want to mix things up a bit. As they get older and the games get more sophisticated, they can roll out the beds to give themselves more sleeping space, or just as easily free up more room for larger projects.

The best of kid’s bedroom furniture from Belvisi

We understand that every children’s bedroom we help create is as unique as the child who loves it. That’s why we take the time to get to know each project we’re involved with in intimate detail to recommend the best ways to tackle each individual problem.

If you’re thinking about redecorating the kid’s room and need some advice, call us on 01223 327463 or visit our Showroom for a chat over real Italian espresso!

Don’t Move

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Improve with Belvisi Kitchens & Furniture

A Cambridge independent family run business is  on a mission to help local homeowners to stay on-trend, with only the best of  contemporary selection of modern Italian furniture.

As Francesca owner of the business explained to us since when we have open we have been going from strength to strength and we have been able to understand the Cambridge market what exactly our customers are looking for. We deal directly with all the top Italian brand such as Tonon, Cattelan Italia, Bonaldo, Jesse, Calligaris, Foscarini and we pick product that are right because we know what works in Cambridge.

Tonon River Stone

Tonon River Stone by Mac Stopa

So the wide range of furniture that we sell can be supplied or can also be installed as well from one of our expert furniture fitter.

As house prices in the city continue to rise, more and more people are deciding to  stay in the same home and by improving the house and what a better investment in your property than a fantastic new kitchen?  Our expert kitchen designer can help you designed your dream kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the house and is the place where we spend most of our time, cooking, socialising and is where we entreating our guest when they come around. So for us a kitchen should really show who you really are and most important has to be a practical kitchen a room that you and your family really enjoy using.


With brands selected to offer only high quality combined with reasonable value for money, we can furnish the entire house, so if you are looking to upgrade your bedroom with a new bespoke wardrobe or if you decide that is now time to update your dining/living room area with a new TV unit, dining table, sofa or just a comfortable lounge chair we can help choose the right one.

The most important aspect of our work is that we pride ourselves on the service that we provide.

Don’t you have a clear idea of the style of the furniture that you are looking for?

…or  how the furniture will look in your room? but you fancy a change? we will show you how, that is why we offer a full Interior design service with the help of a 3D plan we are able to show to our customers how their new furniture will look like before they commit to buy it, sometime is amazing to see what you can do to open things up and what you can do even with small spaces! We give our customers as much of idea of our the new room is going to look like and this is done following the customer specification and within the budget that the customer has set. At Belvisi we can take on a full project even if this will involve stripping off the old furniture, clear everything away, re-skim your walls, sort out the electrics, re-decorate, tiling, make sure that everything is perfect and make sure that that our customers are fully satisfied till the job is done. In our showroom we have a good selection of contemporary Italian products where you can touch and see the quality and we always welcome our customers with a lovely Italian espresso and amaretto biscuit.

If you are looking to upgrade any of your room in the house come and discuss it with us and we will help you design your dream palace with the Italian style and with the Italian touches that will impress of your friends and will create a place that you will never want to leave.

At Belvisi Furniture we can provide bespoke furniture that is designed exclusively for you and you home. Call Us now 01223 327463 or visit our showroom.

Belvisi Furniture Cambridge Contemporary Italian Furniture Showroom

Belvisi Furniture Cambridge Contemporary Italian Furniture Showroom