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River Stone is a new addition to the Tonon family

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Tonon River Stone

Tonon River Stone by Mac Stopa

River Stone is a new addition to the Tonon family a new creation of the designer Mac Stopa that can be used as a low stool or as a pouf created by using a low density polyurethane material. These fabulous funky poufs will add a modern edge to your space or commercial projects. Available in 14 colours they are super light and can be used outdoors as well as indoor. Click here to view the online colours.

River Stone will fit well with all the living spaces. Perfect for all the ambiances: as seating for the living room or for the children’s room, in the terrace, garden or used as pouf for the bedroom, for the bathroom or in the entrance. Never-endings are the possible applications of river stone in the contract market too: as small stool for the dressing room or for the shoes shops, for the hotel rooms or for the bar, in the spa, gym as seating for a short rest. River Stone don’t leave any possibility out.

The Tonon range is synonymous with stylish, modern Italian design. It offers a polished synthesis of artistry, technology, creativity and good taste. A piece of Tonon furniture is sure to instantly become a talking point in your home. Click here to view the Tonon collections.

Please Note: The surface of the integral foam may very from colour to colour, depending on the mould. For orders ove 50 Pieces we can request any Ral/Panthone Colour. For more info call 01223 327463 or visit our showroom.


Choosing a Modern Italian Kitchen: 5 Important Considerations

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The kitchen is, without doubt, the most used room in the house: we have put together a few simple rules that we think you should take in consideration when you are choosing the kitchen that’s right for you, your family, your taste and your lifestyle.

1. Don’t rush. Consider different styles and layouts to find the one that enhances your home and reflects your way of life!

2.The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It must be a safe place for you and your family, as well as needing to last a long time. It is a place where you will spend a large part of your day so remember this when planning it!

3.Beautiful but impossible kitchens? Do not choose a kitchen that looks fantastic, but is not practical. We all would love a Hollywood style kitchen with big islands or peninsulas where we can cook Christmas dinner for the whole family, but to use the space we have available in the best way we must put ergonomics and practical considerations above all else. Modern Italian Kitchen fits best when it comes to practical kitchens. Opt for a practical and convenient layout, do not create cramped spaces.

4.Very important Don’t underestimate small spaces. There are many solutions for making the best use of the space available. Kitchens for small spaces should be both attractive and practical. Don’t forget you can choose between a large range of modular kitchens that offer equipment and accessories inside the kitchen units and that will help you optimise the space and hide away the mess.

5.Don’t let other people make the decisions. Listen to their advice, but remember you are in charge. Your kitchen is for you and your family. What would you like? What are you looking to achieve in your new kitchen? Take on board all the advice but remember that the advantage of planning a modular kitchen is precisely the fact that it is made to measure. It is a dress made to fit your requirements and you can choose from thousands of options. So be bold, think of what you like and choose on the basis of what the kitchen means to you and your family in your everyday life.

Relax, socialise and have fun.

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Now days the living room as well as the kitchen are the most social of the rooms in the home, is the room where you and your family get together at the end of a busy day a room where you can relax, talk, play, is a place where you also entertain your friends and there for they are the two rooms where is nice to show nice piece of furniture. The living/dining room and the kitchen lately are becoming one big open space and is important to remember that this two rooms need to be practical and functional family space that need to meets a range of different needs of the family.

We think that the sofa is probably one of the most important piece of the living room, that is why we think that is important to choose the right sofa that will please all the members of the family. This week we have picked the Altopiano designed by Vibieffe a luxury Italian sofa that come in all shapes and sizes also available in a choice of luxury Italia leather, fabrics and can also be upholstered in your own fabric if you prefer. Altopiano is available in many different sizes and for those who really like to relax and have a siesta on  the sofa why not go for the Altopiano with a chaise longue.

Contemporary Luxury Italian Sofa

Altopiano Contemporary Luxury Italian Sofa in leather & fabric.

This gorgeous sofa from beloved modern Italian furniture designers, Vibieffe, is a warm and welcoming addition to the contemporary living room. Boasting the utmost in comfort with its expert ergonomic design, the Altopiano also comes with a range of options for you to full personalise this beautiful piece in line with the rest of your home décor.

All our contemporary Italian sofa are available in a range of sizes and combinations to fit your existing space as well as a wide selection of luxurious removable fabric and Italian leather coverings.

Let us help you choose the right sofa for you, call us now 01223 327463 or visit our modern showroom where you can discuss your ideas with one of our expert interior designer.

Don’t forget to follow are blog, next week we will give you some great ideas about sideboards and how to best use them.