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Festive furnishing: How we can help get your home ready for Christmas

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As the nights start to creep in and the leaves on the trees start to fall, we begin to get that delicious feeling that Christmas is on its way. As planning for the festive season gets into gear we’re seeing more and more people visiting our showroom in Cambridge to ask for advice on getting their homes ready for their guests. The holidays are a time to entertain and to enjoy the company of loved ones and we love helping make sure that they are given the warmest, most welcoming atmosphere possible.

Giving your home a new look with modern Italian furniture

Imagine waking up on Christmas day and greeting your family in a brand new living room filled with the very best in modern interior design, warmly lit by the most innovative Italian lighting solutions. Or what about serving a full roast dinner with all the trimmings in a cutting edge Italian kitchen?

In this, we’re only too happy to help. With our expertise in providing modern Italian furniture direct to the UK we’re able to handle projects of any size. Sometimes this is as simple as giving you expert advice about an item contemporary furniture that would complement your existing set up. Or you may be thinking on a grander scale and looking to refit your home from the ground up with beautiful interior design and contemporary Italian furniture.

What can Belvisi do for your home?

The Belvisi service is so much more than just sourcing exquisite Italian furniture. If your desire is to have one or more fully refitted rooms in time for Christmas, we can make that happen.

This begins with a full-site consultation, where we can take a look at the space we’re working with and quickly assess how to bring out the best in your home and create a space you, your family and guests will love.

Then you can visit our showroom in the heart of Cambridge, sip on an espresso and tell chat in more detail about your vision for the space. You’ll be able to see floor plans and 3D models so you can really get an idea of how it will all look before you commit to purchase.

The experts in modern Italian furniture and design

This is where our knowledge comes into play. We have a great relationship with our suppliers based in our native Italy and visit them regularly to make sure we’re up to speed on the latest Italian design trends.

What this does is allow us to match suppliers and products to individual needs. What’s fashionable in some circles simply might not work for others, and a full understanding of what each brand’s range means we can mix and match in a way that will work perfectly for you and your home.

Whether classic or contemporary, we can create a truly timeless look for you from top Italian furniture brands like Calligaris, Artemide and Foscarini. But where other suppliers consider their job done with the planning and purchase stages, we take it one step further.

The full interior design service

We understand that installation can be the biggest task when it comes to realising your dream design. That’s why we offer a full installation service under one roof, with one point of contact for the whole affair. No more hours spent chasing the carpenter, the plumber, the electrician, the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker all separately. Our trusted network of skilled professionals can fit and install everything while you get on with life.

The importance of this last point can’t be overstated! A lot of our customers are busy people at the best of times, in the run up to Christmas the time for projects like this simply can’t be found. That’s why we feel that providing a single point of contact shouldn’t be considered a bonus, it should be essential in order to make great things happen. That leaves you free to focus on the finer details like gifts, food, drinks, the decorations…

Let us help you make your home look beautiful for Christmas

Giving your home a stylish new look in time for Christmas takes more than a visit from Santa Claus. It’s a huge undertaking that needs to run to a tight schedule and budget. But for those who decide that a whole new look for your living space is an ideal, lasting present for the whole family you need a team on your side who’ll do the job of Santa’s elves.

We’re proud of the work we do and the trust our customers place in us. With our links across the whole design industry we have the confidence and expertise to undertake tasks like this and get the great results your home deserves, just in time for you to kick back and enjoy the holiday season with those closest to you.