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News from Cattelan Italia

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A scenery always in evolution for CATTELAN ITALIA.

A strategy based on images is what we have seen during the Salone del Mobile 2013 where the key word is development of styles and technologies. In Milan Cattelan has presented a striking new collection characterized by the creativity and functionality to create contemporary design products. This brand is characterized by elegance, attention on the production process
and a careful craft knowledge. It is a modern taste, products are suitable for all type of houses with precious details of elegance and
sophistication. It seems flying in the air, with no material, with no weight to be enchanted by its lightness.

Has been very hard for us to pick some pieces but we had to shortlist some for you and here are what we think were the best in terms of elegance and design.

ELLIOT, designed by Giorgio Cattelan, a geometrical table with steel and lacquered graphite base,
 created with the composition of oblique pyramids. The top is in burned oak with irregular edges and
 represents an absolute modernity. It is a table you could adapt to every room because available in different 
versions: round, rectangular, extendible, warm like wood, aggressive like marble. In all version it 
maintains its modern design.


CONVIVIUM by Giorgio Cattelan is a suitable modern console, with a huge functional mood. It is the icon of the eclecticism of 
Cattelan Italia. Like a mirror play Convivium speaks about the future interior design with different images 
according to different points of view. You look at it, you move and look at it again because it is
something that catch your attention. It is dynamic and functional.
The base is harmonic and all the piece has an equilibrium. Available in white lacquered embossed, graphite or
 satin steel. The top is extendible and as a magic touch it transforms the consoles into a table. It is available in white climb 
laminated, ossido grigio or walnut Canaletto with extensions matching the top. A huge scale of emotions, an eccentric vision where the support is a radial sequence which match 
the glass top.


Domino, by Andrea Lucatello, is a table with the base in walnut Canaletto or oak stained ash, mix
 walnut-oak or multi colour lacquered. It fits in glamour rooms and represents the synthesis of a perfect
 equilibrium of creativity and rigor, design and the intention of going out from schemes.
 With the glass top, Domino is available in the oval or rectangular versions, clear or extraclear glass. Very 
glamour the melange of colours.


The chair ISABEL, designed by Paolo Cattelan, represents the sense of living out of the usual scheme 
of time. A balanced inventive for a sophisticated comfort, it fits to live with different concept of furniture,
from the most classic one to the most modern one. It is the icon of the chairs, soft in the seat and 
gorgeous in the detail. Available in many different soft leather colours to suite anybody taste.

For more info on any of the Cattelan furniture don’t hesitate to contact us via email or visit our modern furniture showroom in Cambridge.

Hope to see you soon. Ciao

Children’s Bedroom Furniture Sets – What to buy?

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If there’s one thing very important when you are planning your kid’s bedroom it’s considering the bedroom furniture, which you will need to buy. A nice wallpaper, funky bed sheets and curtains will become boring if you place the wrong kinds of kids bedroom furniture.

Below we have selected for you the most original furniture for kids. Give your kids’ bedrooms a modern atmosphere that you children feel happy inside.

First thing to do is to make a list of what your child needs in his or her bedroom. We have summarised a list below of the most important element that you need to have in a child bedroom in order to make it as comfortable as possible for your child and of course also very important are the colour scheme that you would like to use in the room, all our furniture come in many different non toxic colours and finish.

Comfortable bed – Single Bed – Bunk Beds

Probably the most important piece of furniture will be the bed. You can choose to have a bunk beds, single bed or a bed with a pull out spare bed or with pull out drawer for the extra storage space. Nothing can give your child a good night sleep than a comfortable bed to lie on every night. Choose one that is big enough for your little one to grow with it and make sure to buy a good mattress to go with it. We can also provide a top quality hand-made mattress to fit any bed.


A Desk Study table

It is very important to encourage your child to make her / his homework everyday in her/his room by providing a nice desk. This kids’ bedroom furniture is a must since children will use it until they grow old. We have some many different options of desk that can fit to any space small or big that you have, we can also have a desk that is built inn with your bunk beds or book case, this will give you the options to save space in the room.



Any child will find it very comfortable to have his or her own chair especially when they are doing their study. Kids will not be lying on the bed the whole day so they will need something to sit on, this of course need to be comfortable and nice to sit on.

Bookshelf / Book Case

We all know that kids love to read books and they will definitely enjoy having their own bookshelf in the comfort of their own room where they can create their own little magic place and read their favourite books, and most important this will also prevent having your kid’s books scattered everywhere in the house.


Another important kids’ bedroom furniture is the wardrobe. It will hold your child’s toys, cloth and personal belongings, we all know that with a kids the space is never enough but is all about organising the space in the right way in order to achieve the best space possible. We can organise the inside of the wardrobe in a way that you kids will be able to house all their bits without living a mess around the room.


We love designing a kids room as we know that your child deserve to have their own magic room where they will enjoy spending time in and of course studying too.

We hope you have found this tips helpful and if you would like us to design or discuss your children furniture call us or visit our showroom and we will be happy to give you the best advice.

When designing your little one room, you put love, time and attention in deciding what children’s furniture to use in their bedroom / playrooms

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Kids furniture can be one of the most exciting things to shop for knowing that is for your little loved one.

In this blog we have decided to feature several options for your toddler furniture that are functional, modern, stylish and of course sturdy. There are different warm pastels colours to choose from, colours that won’t limit a room to littlies but grow up with your child to teenage.


Part of our new collection are the crib combinations that turn from infant furniture to toddler furniture. Baby Furniture and Nursery cribs that have changing table that have the ability to convert from a crib to a “big boy or girl” bed for when your little one is ready to move into a toddler bed. Only using the finest of materials for their children’s furniture, our companies choose only the best of durable wood and safe treatments that allow these pieces of furniture to stand the test of time – with their modern design and safe features. Bedroom Furniture by Belvisi Furniture is a company specializing in kids furniture made of eco-friendly hardwood in various colours and styles ranging from single beds to bunk beds to dressers. Whatever children’s furniture you choose to go with, we are confident that they provide the best in modern and eco-friendly designs.

Maximising space in a small room


Custom kids rooms are ideal when you need to fit a lot into a small space. In a room where you need storage, a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and space to play. The bunk bed with a built in desk and wardrobe will give you plenty of storage underneath the bed to keep organized all your kids toys and books and clothes. Below the upper bed there is plenty of useful space for shelves, a desk and a wardrobe. Each step of the stairs case become secret compartments for children’s and safe toy boxes with delicious secret compartments for children’s treasures built in drawers that provide the extra storage.

We care every little details such as bunk bed steps that are toy boxes with delicious secret compartments for children’s treasures.  With our modular children’s furniture you can get a unique storage piece, your toddler furniture will become more than just useful; it’ll become part of a fun play space, where your kids will love to play for hours and hours.

Our new unique children’s furniture collection introduces exciting Italian brands you simply won’t see anywhere else.  There’s nothing ordinary here. It’s all fun and fashion originality from start to finish.

Modern Children’s Furniture: Desk & Bookshelves


Every children needs his personal own space, a place. When I was young I loved spending time in my room at my desk, for me it was a place to hide, relax, to work on my drawings, read, and of course do my homework. It was quiet and away from the  the rest of the busy house. A desk is where you can do all your important “kid business.”

You can have a built in desk with a bookcase, a desk for two to share or even a desk that will hide away when not in use.

At Belvisi, it’s all very different from picking a few pieces of furniture and hoping they’ll look OK.  We’re here to style, deliver and professionally fit an affordable designer adventure that you’ll all be so proud to call ‘home’.

From your first phone call to final fitting, we’re here to create unusual and unique children’s bedroom that will inspire and delight your whole family – and sleep-over pals too.  You really only need to tell us the room size and perhaps give us an idea of the colours you’d love for our whole 3D planning service to fire up free for you.  Your whole project will be expertly managed, affordably priced, personally delivered and completely fitted, without you having to lift a finger.

Let’s talk call Francesca on 01223  327463 to request your 3D plan for free.