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Italian contemporary modern kitchen design Stosa City


Welcome to the new City kitchen, a mix of vintage inspirations: design from the past interpreted with a contemporary take yielding an unconventional, creative style. A solid, decisive look, a kitchen that delights the eyes and is titillating to touch. Rough surfaces in Jeans oak, Brizzo oak, White oak or Sand paired with metal and sheet metal furniture, never-before-seen finishes like slate cement that evoke an industrial-style atmosphere.


A design that works with traditional materials giving them a contemporary take. The “lpe” sheet metal hood gives a decided touch with strong personality.  The “Amico” metal shelf/pantry is a modern twist on 1950s style, yielding a “lived-in” feel. Flexible solutions like the “Amico” extendible, rotatable table which disappears, reappears and rotates based on your needs. There is more than one secret ingredient in City: choice materials and creative design.

stosa-city1Are you looking to re design your kitchen? From the design to the installation, we will work with you until your are 100% satisfied with your dream kitchen. Visit our showroom and talk to one of our expert kitchen designer.

Battistella Nidi 9

Children’s bedroom furniture: Options for life

When you’re decorating your children’s bedroom, you want to give them it all. To them, you’re a superhero so being able to give them their very own secret hideout is just part of the magic. Unfortunately, parents often face a reality check when it comes to working with the available space.

Many people we speak to struggle to combine the fun, colourful environment their little ones want with the practical limitations of what is usually a smaller than average room. Above all else, they want to know that the furniture they choose is safe and will stand the test of time.

Kid’s bedroom solutions with real Italian furniture

In our experience, it pays to take a step back and look at the big picture. What are you really trying to achieve with your kid’s bedroom furniture? What are the obstacles that stand in your way?

Battistella Nidi 11

Is it a matter of space? If so, think outside the box. In cases like that, the key lies in combining elements to maximise the floor space they need for playing and open up as much of the room as possible.

A room set up like this foldaway bedroom solution from Battistella puts their bed, desk, shelves and wardrobe all within arm’s reach of one another without compromising on comfort, style or durability. The imaginative folding bed is the star of this show, tying it all together as a dynamic centrepiece.

Maybe you’re contending with a room that’s an odd shape? In cases like that, it’s all about working with the room, not against it, to find new ways to include everything you need.

One solution might be this versatile composition. Even the tightest corners can be made to work wonders for you with raised storage, open shelves and a comfy bed tucked underneath.

For longer, narrower rooms, consider something like this combo with the Twiddy Plus drop-down bed. With a sturdy desk, bed and extensive storage aligned across one wall, floor space is maximised for playtime and adding the finishing touches to give them the space they’ll really love.

Long-lasting Italian children’s furniture for your home

What makes our selection of contemporary Italian bedroom furniture really stand out is the level of flexibility it affords your little ones. What’s great for your child now might not be just what they want or need in three years. Invest in an environment which they can mould around their changing tastes and it’ll pay dividends.

Battistella Nidi 6

Again, Belvisi and Battistella have you covered. With this bedroom furniture combo your children have all the fun and comfort that comes with the very best of modern Italian furniture, but with the ability to mix and match multiple bed configurations for sleepovers or just that little bit more room to spread out!

Alternatively, this composition is fully mobile on durable rails and castors, perfect for when they want to mix things up a bit. As they get older and the games get more sophisticated, they can roll out the beds to give themselves more sleeping space, or just as easily free up more room for larger projects.

The best of kid’s bedroom furniture from Belvisi

We understand that every children’s bedroom we help create is as unique as the child who loves it. That’s why we take the time to get to know each project we’re involved with in intimate detail to recommend the best ways to tackle each individual problem.

If you’re thinking about redecorating the kid’s room and need some advice, call us on 01223 327463 or visit our Showroom for a chat over real Italian espresso!

NEWS Maya: a winning project design.

Contemporary Kitchen Stosa, Cambridge, London, Uk

Contemporary Kitchen Stosa, Cambridge, London, Uk

An all-new product in the Stosa Cucine line, Maya, joins the broad range of Look System H72 models, the programme for building your own kitchen that offers 22-mm door widths and guarantees the best quality and sturdiness. The Maya model represents the new collection of kitchens with modern, elegant lines knowingly combined with a practical and functional design that wins over customers at first glance. Its fresh, young mood is the answer to the market’s latest demands, furnishing with taste and practicality even when space is tight. In the Maya programme, you can choose between 4 types of doors and 13 finishings: The distinguishing characteristic of this collection is the post forming door, which bestows the essential look of this smooth model with elegant rounding of the long edges of the door, softening its contours. Maya’s clean lines are joined by open Jolly units with Evo inlays, available in matt white and matt lead, as are the finishings on the throat handle and plinth. And to add another touch of style, Maya has two types of glass doors: fine glass door with aluminium finishing on the edge and glass door with aluminium frame. The different types of handle available (standard or throat) and new structures enrich and embellish the range, giving it an essential design but with a skilfully styled elegance.


Modern Stosa Kitchen available in many different colours, lacquered or Matt

Maya is also available in the Allegra throat system version with 75-cm-high bases in oak jeans glossy iron laminate. The chromatic focus is the tall unit in life-colour varnished matt orange, for a pleasant colour contrast with the glossy, pure white of the kitchen and the earth oak tall oven unit. To give a touch of personality to your kitchen, the inner inlays are available in different combinations and in the colours and finishes of the Maya model, as well as in all the varnished matt finishing colours. The Stosa Design Centre designed Allegra Maya based on functionality and durability; this is why it is equipped with FENIX NTM™ back panel, a new futuristic material in the latest thermoplastic resin that self-repairs thanks to the use of applied nanotechnology. Allegra Maya by Stosa Cucine is ideal for those that see their kitchen as the most sociable part of the house.

Visit our Cambridge Showroom where we can help you design your dream kitchen, showroom also in London only via appointment. Call 01223 327463 for more info or click here to view our website.

Home office furniture

Decorating a home office: Finding the perfect balance

Given the nature of our increasingly connected, digital world, more people than ever are working from home. Here’s an interesting fact, at the start of 2014, 13.9% of the workforce in the UK was working from their own homes. That’s 4.2 million people, and 4.2 million individual work spaces which need to be found, arranged and maintained.

It’s hardly surprising that the quest to create the perfect home office space is one that puzzles a great many people. It’s a problem with psychological implications as well as functional and aesthetic ones. You need a space which is both distinctly yours, but separate enough from the rest of your home to put you in the right productive frame of mind. Choosing the right home office furniture is a great start.

Broadly speaking, you’re going to be making the choice between one of two types of home office space. A smaller space set aside in a corner of an existing room or using one of the less spacious nooks of the home, or a whole room dedicated to being an office.

Home office furniture

The right chair for your stylish home office

In either case, the first thing to consider is the chair you’re sitting on. Both figuratively and literally, this is the foundation of a comfortable office space. You’ll be getting closely acquainted with this piece of home office furniture and you need something with a deep seat, good arm support and a comfortable feel.

In this, our modern swivel leather office chair is a great choice and comes in a range of rich colours to match your space. Depending on the type of desk you’re working on you might need something a little more stripped back, such as Calligaris’ New York office swivel chair.

Get the perfect storage

In the case of the micro-home office, it’s about maximising the available space, keeping everything in its place while still allowing yourself the elbow room to be creative. Pieces like the Trailer office cabinet from Calligaris are discreet, adaptable and mobile for if you decide to rearrange your space. For smaller stacks of files, something like Cattelan Italia’s Jerry magazine rack is a convenient solution.

Home office furniture

What’s the best desk for your home office?

For those with a full room to dedicate to their office space, you can really go to town with the best of contemporary Italian office furniture. This desk from Novamobili could lend an artistic feel to your home office, or maybe Cattelan Italia’s Houston desk is what you’re looking for to lend your space that sense of luxury and grandeur.

All Belvisi furniture is custom-built to order by our trusted Italian suppliers. Whatever the space you’re working with, contact us and we’ll be able to discuss creating the perfect modern office furniture for your home.

How to light your home office

Something that often goes unconsidered here is lighting. When you’re working from home, where you’re more often concerned with setting a relaxing mood, you can lose sight of the fact that ample lighting doesn’t just help productivity. Eight hours each day spent concentrating on work means you need a well-lit office for the sake of your eyes.

Whether in a micro-office or a full room, a series of well-placed wall lights like the Fold light from Foscarini or the Folio wall light are expressive, effective and work great in well-spaced combinations. In the case of the Folio, it can work just as well on the ceiling to make sure your workload gets properly illuminated.

Decorating your home office can be tricky. Finding the balance between a beautiful home and an inspiring, productive work space isn’t straightforward, and we’re happy to help our customers find the right combinations. If you want a chat about how the full Belvisi interior design service can help you create the perfect office, contact us on 01223 327463 or visit our showroom in the heart of Cambridge.

Guest room furniture

Decorating the guest room: Modern Italian hospitality

Making the most of your home means ensuring that every room is special, both a functioning part of a beautiful whole and a statement by itself. When it comes to the guest room, things can get tricky. A lot of our customers come to us to discuss how they can create a space which is comforting enough to instantly put guests at their ease, but versatile enough to appeal to friends, family and whoever else they might end up hosting.

Guest room furniture

The perfect guest room furniture

Space is always the first consideration. In most homes, the guest room is unlikely to be as large as the main bedrooms, so you need to think about how to turn this into an advantage. Choosing a lighter colour scheme, working in creams, light blues and similar soft shades can exaggerate the available space and make rooms look more open.

By the same token, using space-saving furniture can help give your guests the best of both worlds. Something like the New Tank sofa bed or the Club sofa bed, both from beloved Italian furniture designers, Vibieffe. A great sofa bed gives guests a comfortable means to wind down in the evening until bedtime, where they can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

If you’re lucky enough to have some more space to work with you can choose from the fantastic range of modern Italian beds we stock at Belvisi. Remember, all our furniture is built to order so no matter what your available space, talk to us and in most cases we’ll be able to customise the perfect bespoke piece for your guest room.

Guest room furniture

How to accessorise the guest bedroom?

The right accessories can also help set the perfect tone for your guests. The trick lies in knowing how far to go. You certainly don’t want a melancholy, empty-looking guest room, but just stuffing it with items you don’t want elsewhere in the house can look messy and provide unnecessary distractions while your guests are trying to sleep.

It helps put guests’ minds at ease if they feel like they look their best. A good mirror is a must for the guest room as it helps them get ready, looks great and helps open up the space in smaller rooms. Carefully selected pieces of art adorning one or two of the other walls round off this effective use of wall space.

A bedside table or cabinet is a must, not only for your guest’s assorted bits and bobs, but also for the host of small touches you can add. A few books with a broad appeal can help them unwind, so long as there’s ample lighting for them to enjoy a read. In this, you can opt for a luxury table lamp to match your cabinet or a gorgeous wall light to illuminate the room. Either way, a gloomy guest room is something to avoid.

Something that often goes unconsidered in a guest room is keeping the temperature right. A room that doesn’t see use as often as others can find itself at the mercy of the elements, so a portable heater/air conditioner can be a discrete solution. Alternatively, for rooms with wooden floors a fine Italian rug can help keep guest’s toes warm should they wake up and walk around in the night.

Talk to us about how to decorate your guest room

Of course, nobody knows what will create the perfect environment for potential guests better than you. We love talking the subject over with our valued customers, taking their ideas and articulating them in the language of luxury contemporary Italian furniture. If you’re stuck on how to decorate and furnish your guest room, call us on 01223 327463 or visit our showroom in the heart of Cambridge.

Modern Italian bed

Redecorating this spring: The height of Italian fashion for your home

The rapid onset of spring takes many of us to a place where we’re thinking about renewal, rebirth and an all-round fresh start. What better mindset is there when it comes to taking a new look at your home? Spring is a popular time for us, with many of our favourite customers returning to get our opinions on what the next steps could be in their own interior design journeys.

We love what we do, and being at the heart of the world of interior design gives us a fantastic insight into future trends and fashions to keep your home on the cutting edge of Italian design philosophy. We look to big events like April’s Salone del Mobile 2015 to keep our finger firmly on the pulse.

Modern Italian table

The latest Italian furniture fashion

Held annually in Milan, this fantastic event showcases the best design innovations for the modern home, with over 2,000 exhibitors strutting their stuff. With UNESCO proclaiming 2015 the International Year of Light, designers have been inspired to explore the essence of modern lighting for the home. We’re anticipating great things, whether similar to the understated, curved elegance of the Astra Arc floor lamp from Cattelan Italia, or bold, expressive statements like Foscarini’s Big Bang suspended light.

Special attention is also being devoted to design in the workplace this year. The Workplace3.0 exhibition is bringing together top contemporary furniture innovators to consider what the professional spaces of the future will look like. We’re looking forward to seeing how much of this filters down into design for modern home offices and studies.

Tonon Wave chair

What’s in this spring for your home?

A wealth of inspiration directly from top furniture designers is great, but it doesn’t mean we can’t also think outside the box for ideas. Last September’s Fashion Weeks gave us a hint about what to expect from the world of clothing, but there’s no reason we can’t adapt these principles to create gorgeous interior design.

Carolina Herrera’s Spring 2015 collection was all about a fusion of classic and modern styles, with loose geometric designs at the heart of the concept. This lends itself well to pieces like the Astro modern wrought iron bed from Ciacci, with the striking angular metalwork at either end breathing new life into a classic piece of Italian furniture.

The colour of this spring seems to be vibrant ochre yellow. Designers like Tory Burch are making great use of this season’s hottest shade to produce beautiful garments which anticipate a bright, lively season. With all of our contemporary Italian furniture made to order in a range of rich colours, you can dress your home up with the same sense of vitality. Picture something like the elegant Tonon Wave swivel chair brightening up your living room this spring.

The interplay between black and white is a timeless look, and it got its deserved share of catwalk space across the globe this year, with designers and fashionistas alike loving the idea of a strong black design on a pure white background. You can bring this strong look into your home with a well-chosen kitchen design, whether you prefer a more contemporary or classic feel. It’s a versatile motif that always works hard to bring style and class to this most beloved room. Rounding things off with a striking piece like the Kreaty dining table from Ciacci could be the final touch you’re looking for.

Whatever may be inspiring you to take a fresh look at your home this spring, you can be confident that Belvisi are here to give you world-class advice based on our passion for the latest great interior design ideas.

We’re also helping you tie it all together by offering two free matching chairs with every table and four chair combination sold, so you can invite even more guests to enjoy your new space.

Come visit us in our Cambridge showroom for an espresso and a chat about what you want to achieve, or call us on 01223 327463. We’re looking forward to hearing what our customers have planned, and motivated to make it happen with our trademark Italian design flair!

Kids bedroom design

Children’s bedroom design: The colours of childhood

Decorating a child’s bedroom presents challenges not found elsewhere. For starters, considering the colours you’ll be using is a sticking point for a lot of budding interior designers. Like any challenges there are shortcuts, but when it comes to the cutting edge of modern design philosophy, falling back on the old blue for a boy/pink for a girl option can be merely a short-term solution.

Think outside the box with your child’s bedroom

Opening up the colour palette brings in a new world of sophistication. By making the same considered choices in the kids’ room as you do in every other room in your home, you’re creating a stimulating space, a bedroom where the little ones can live, learn and grow.

Your choice of colour for the kid’s bedroom can affect how big it looks. Lighter colours open up the space and help you make better use of the light. Combined with the right multifunction, space-saving furniture you can give even the cosiest rooms a new, expansive feel. Browsing through our range of space-saving modern bunk beds and bed-cum-desk combos is sure to give you some great ideas.

Think about the effect colour has on the mood of a room. By making bold choices and decorating in bright reds and vibrant green you can create an exciting, stimulating atmosphere for playtime. Deep purples and rich creams suggest a calmer, more nurturing environment suitable for study and a great night’s sleep. By finding the right balance you’ll create the space which is right for your kids where they’ll love being.

Modern bunk bed

Shape up the perfect kid’s bedroom furniture

By making the most of the interplay between shape and colour, you can give your child a space which is more than just a kid’s room, it’s somewhere that’s beautifully crafted and uniquely theirs. With modern bespoke children’s furniture you can customise the tiniest details to ensure the room reflects the best of the child’s personality. This is reflected everywhere in our design philosophy, from chunky, curved bedframes down to choices of sturdy rounded handles for our range of children’s wardrobes.

Imagine the fun they could have in a bright, lively room furnished with innovative children’s furniture like the Goccia bunk bed from Battistella. If you’re going for something a little more understated, there’s also the Fiore bunk bed, another Battistella creation, with a more straightforward construction which still makes great use of whimsical shapes and fun cut-outs to add a sense of imagination to a practical, durable design.

teenagers bedroom

Need contemporary bedroom furniture for teens?

As time marches on, you’ll begin to see why taking that little bit of extra time to choose the right colours for your kid’s room was such a wise idea. Boys quickly grow out of baby blue, even quicker than girls grow out of flamingo pink. A more nuanced, style-conscious palette means you can replace individual pieces of furniture to keep pace with your child’s development without the hassle of a full redecoration.

For example, as the rounded, organic shapes which characterise furniture for young children give way to the defined, angular designs typical of the furniture teens love, a bedroom decorated in bright, fresh cream could easily play host to this gorgeous modern teenager bedroom set. Space will no doubt also be an issue so we’re sure to keep up with beds like this modern single bed with lifting base. It’s chic, it’s versatile and it provides discreet storage for all the essentials of teenage life.

A timeless, classic colour scheme for the kids room also makes accessorising much easier. This fun bubble design mirror from Calligaris would look right at home among a collection of contemporary bedroom furniture for teenagers. What about a quality rug to match the theme of the room and direct attention to the rest of the stylish décor? Spending an extra hour or so now on deciding on the right colouring can save you time and effort later on when it comes to adapting the space.

Here at Belvisi we love getting to know the families we work with to create their perfect homes. We’re a family business ourselves so we know the value you place on feeling content in every room. If this blog has inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to the colours you’re considering for the kid’s bedroom, talk to us about it. Leave a comment below or even come and visit our showroom for a quick espresso!

Modern Italian wardrobe

Modern Italian wardrobes: Secure and sumptuous storage

The right wardrobe with the perfect design has the potential to do so much for a room. Here at Belvisi we’re always giving advice to customers to help them select the perfect wardrobe, an issue which is often far more of a stumbling block than people first think. The first step should always be to step back and consider where the wardrobe will fit in with the rest of the design in any given room.

Define your space

From an aesthetic perspective, what role will it perform? A plainer wardrobe with discrete handles and flush doors like this modern hinged wardrobe directs attention to other items of furniture, perfect for smaller rooms with more defined furniture that you may wish to take centre stage. On the other hand, larger rooms with more space to fill might cry out for something like this distinctive TV wardrobe to share the plentiful limelight and contribute more fully to the look and feel you’re trying to create.

Once the homework has been done and you know what you’re aiming for, it’s time to fit that vision into the reality of the situation. What sort of space are you working with? Narrower wall space with a lot of depth lends itself well to a set of durable hinged doors, whereas if you’re installing a wardrobe into a thinner room, sliding or coplanar doors are going to serve you well.

Picking the right contemporary wardrobe

Many of the wardrobes in our new range from modern Italian furniture gurus, Mobilform, are available in any of these three variations, so a choice made on practical grounds doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on how you want your dream room to turn out.

Did you notice that the above examples haven’t been confined to the bedroom? Modern wardrobe design has come so far from the static, dust-topped days of yore that wardrobes now appear as storage solutions all over. Of course they’re still a cornerstone of contemporary bedroom furniture, but sliding fitted wardrobes are also a popular choice in the hallway. Used like this, they provide an unobtrusive place for coats, bags and other clutter, invaluable here where space is at its tightest.

This principle has even burst out of the home and found its way into the workplace. Offices and similar commercial spaces are nowadays creating a cleaner, more expansive look by making use of cutting-edge wardrobe designs like the Grove hinged model or this contemporary covered design. Replacing jumbled, irregular-looking coat stands and hooks with a neat rail concealed in an understated wardrobe adds that extra air of professionalism to any office space.

Customisation is key

With so many possible uses, you’ll be pleased to know that modern wardrobe design leaves room for so much creative control when it comes to customising individual pieces. Examples like this modern sliding design come with a shelf and two hanging rails as standard, but options like internal LED lights and shoe storage allow you to personalise your wardrobe down to the finest detail.

In the modern home, it’s more important than ever to get exactly what you want. One size doesn’t fit all, so a bespoke approach to the perfect furniture is essential. So much of our furniture is selected for its modular flexibility for just this reason. Whether you’re fond of longer garments and need a rail a bit higher from the floor, or you’re a strapping, broad-shouldered type who needs their wardrobe that little bit wider. Belvisi has your needs covered.

We extend this flexibility to all the furniture we offer. Some customers come to us looking for individual bespoke pieces, while others are interested in taking advantage of our full interior design service. Either way, we’re proud to offer a level of service which takes the time to understand each individual customer and work with them to realise their visions for a gorgeous new home.

Novamobili LED wall unit

Modular wall units: New life for your living room

We look at our new range of contemporary modular wall units, which offer inventive storage spaces and breathe new life into your living room.

With the living room, the clue is in the name. This is a place both to live and to showcase your life. Here you’ll be entertaining guests, relaxing with family and otherwise enjoying yourself in an atmosphere which should put you at your ease and reflect the uniqueness of your personality.

So when selecting the right modern furniture to round things off, you need pieces which are contemporary, look great and which tell your story. New for 2015, Belvisi’s modular collection from beloved Italian furniture suppliers, Novamobili, is a popular choice when it comes to mixing the cutting edge of contemporary Italian design philosophy with flexibility and creative control.

Novamobili wall unit

Bespoke modern living room furniture

The key here is versatility. In Novamobili’s own words, this collection celebrates “the home seen as both a starting point and a destination.” It’s a means of creating a cohesive, deeply personal look and feel for your home by combining elegant, durable pieces into a portrait of your dream living room.

Take a look at this composition. The bold, striking straight lines bisect each shelf, separating this discrete, chic storage from the elegantly simplistic base unit. With sliding doors finished in tangeri to accompany the rich, creamy bianco and rovere bianco shelving, this is a definitive design statement. What’s incredible is that you can create custom designs just as impressive yourself.

These compositions are like palettes, snapshots of inspiration from which you can mix and match individual pieces to create a living room which shows off not just the best of modern Italian furniture design but which is also unmistakably yours.

It’s not just about how you divide pieces; design innovations like the Novamobili Wave let you draw a smooth connecting line between individual elements to link them into a cohesive whole. Like paint strokes, these curved elements help you create artistic compositions like this, suggesting a work of modern art, as beautiful as it practical.

Novamobili wall unit with curved elements

Mix and match your dream living space

The modular nature of this collection makes matching with your existing furniture a breeze. The first time you sit back on the sofa of your dreams and you know you simply must have it, you want to be assured that there’s a way to make your whole room look right in context. The answer is simple with this versatile, flexible design. Whatever you decide the flagship for your living space will be, this is a sure way of creating a great-looking, natural accompaniment.

With this degree of versatility at your disposal, there’s no need to limit things to the living room. Wall units are a popular means of framing any room in your home as an alternative to bulkier, more static furniture pieces. Imagine a subtle, understated composition like this providing shelf space and an underline to the wall-mounted TV in your bedroom. Using modular wall units opens up your floor space and opens things up to give rooms a lighter, more open feel.

Belvisi’s bespoke furniture service

Here at Belvisi this kind of responsive approach to creating great furniture is nothing new to us. All our pieces are built to order by our trusted suppliers in Italy and shipped direct to our customers around the world. This has always given us a degree of freedom when it comes to customising furniture, but this collection breathes new life into our bespoke service.

Working with our customers to capture the true essence of what they want from their homes lies at the heart of what we do. As a family business, we know that the right environment for your loved ones is something you should never have to compromise on. Why not contact us or visit our showroom in the heart of Cambridge for a coffee and a talk about how this gorgeous modular furniture can set the perfect tone for your home.


The fine art of modern Italian sofas

When it comes to a purchase for you home which merits serious consideration, few individual pieces can provoke as much deliberation as the sofa. It is, after all, as much a visual focus point for the living room as it is a source of comfort and relaxation. It needs to be welcoming, it needs to be durable and it needs to be gorgeous.

Modern Italian furniture is famous for ticking all three of these boxes, allowing you to create the exact effect you want. Think in terms of personality, how should your living room reflect you? Remember, once you’re done serving them a delicious home-cooked meal, this is the room your guests will be spending the most time in. Do you want your sofa to match, coordinate or contrast with the rest of the décor?

Zone corner sofa

Compare or contrast?

If you’re looking for a matching sofa to blend with your room and create a unified, seamless look then you may want to replace your existing furniture with a matching set. The Class family of contemporary living room furniture from beloved designer, Vibieffe, is a set which combines the elegance and simplicity of Italian design philosophy with a rewarding sense of comfort. By combining the Class High Back Sofa with two matching High Back Chairs, for example, you’d be bringing cohesion and unity to your living space in a range of colours to match your other furniture.

On the other hand, picking out striking and dynamic pieces to stand out can breathe new life into a room. The Jelly Sofa, another Vibieffe piece, is a distinctive and inviting design which you can literally sink into. On the other hand, the Itaca Sofa from Contempo brings a bold use of lines and a futuristic feel to the front room. Depending on how your existing room is set out, either piece could provide a real talking point for your guests.

Speaking of your guests, consider complementing your existing sofa with a luxury Italian sofa bed and show them just how far your hospitality and good taste extends. The days of awkwardly-folding, lumpy affairs are over with gorgeous pieces like the Club sofa bed and the New Tank sofa bed. Both retain the chic simplicity of contemporary design philosophy without sacrificing functionality and comfort.

Throughout all this, remember that Belvisi furniture is built to order by our trusted suppliers in Italy. There are all kinds of ways these innovative sofas can be customised to fit your existing space, and the range of colours we offer is impressive. From deluxe Italian leathers to select fabric patterns, we’re sure to have the right options for you to mix and match with any environment.

jelly sofa

Accessorise. Accessorise. Accessorise.

While thinking of how a new sofa will interact with the rest of your living room, it’s worth noting that a few simple touches are often all it takes. The right accessories are as important for your home as they are for your outfit when it comes to bringing it all together.

Smaller living rooms with cosier furniture combinations can be made to instantly look more open and spacious with the addition of a well-chosen mirror. The same effect is achieved in larger, more sparsely populated rooms by a proper use of lighting. When you’re bridging the gap between two pieces of contrasting furniture, the right coffee table can act as a tasteful go-between.

If all this has put you in the mood to explore what you could achieve in your living room this spring, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the sheer scope of ideas open to you. Here at Belvisi we’re proud to offer a full interior design service to go with our furniture range. Whether you’re just looking for the perfect sofa to round off a cosy living space or a whole new spring look for your living room, come and visit our showroom in the heart of Cambridge for an espresso and a chat, or call us on 01223 327463.