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Kitchen, dining and living blend into a single environment

Modern open -plan space

The modern kitchen is all about having a great space to cook, eat, socialise, gather as a family and relax. The appeal of the kitchen to be a part of the every day-to-day action has become so great; therefore, the average kitchen project has become so much more than simply upgrading old cabinetry. The kitchen, dining and living merge into a multi functional living space, which becomes a place for social gathering and offers scope for personal style preferences.

multifuncional space

Kitchen and living blend into a single environment where furniture is integrated together. In the living room, minimalist furniture that matches the kitchen helps create a space that transitions smoothly. The rooms are in dialogue through the furniture, geometries and finishes, maintaining their functions.


There are no rules how to achieve a successful open –plan scheme. Belvisi offers modular furniture that can be adapted to your space to create purely modern, elegant and functional space. Will help you achieve a scheme that flows, by selecting materials and colours that connect different zones and ensure all areas of your home work together seamlessly.

The dream living space combines trendy high/tech units with elegant furniture, such as cabinets and high quality sideboards, that can be found in the living room as well as the dining/ kitchen area offering space for books, objects and much more, connecting function and aesthetics.



Carefully considered kitchen/living space accommodate for all types of activities; work, rest and play. We can design a space for you where we can integrate a home office solution to complete your kitchen or living room.


If you are looking for solutions for your kitchen/dining/living area come as see one of our designers in our Cambridge showroom to discuss it. Let us inspire you and help you create a multi functional space that is practical, airy and sociable.

Jesse Furniture

Jesse’s chairs are ideal for every room and with great personality.

We believe that when you have to choose the right dining chairs, you should consider to choose the right one, is very important to choose a comfortable chair that will fit nicely with the environment in which will be placed.

Our expert Interior Designer has shortlisted for you six chairs from a well known Italian brand Jesse.

A large choice, from practical and comfortable kitchen chairs to the most elegant dining room chairs. But also modern design chairs for the office and for the bedroom. Shapes, structures – of wood or metal – and finishing fabrics / materials vary according to the need.

Modern, comfortable dining,office, chairs from Jesse Furniture.

Modern, comfortable dining,office chairs from Jesse Furniture.

Not to sure which one would be the best for you? Ask our Expert Interior Designer, call us on 01223 327463, email us at info@belvisifurniture.co.uk or pop into our showroom for a chat.

News from Cattelan Italia

A scenery always in evolution for CATTELAN ITALIA.

A strategy based on images is what we have seen during the Salone del Mobile 2013 where the key word is development of styles and technologies. In Milan Cattelan has presented a striking new collection characterized by the creativity and functionality to create contemporary design products. This brand is characterized by elegance, attention on the production process
and a careful craft knowledge. It is a modern taste, products are suitable for all type of houses with precious details of elegance and
sophistication. It seems flying in the air, with no material, with no weight to be enchanted by its lightness.

Has been very hard for us to pick some pieces but we had to shortlist some for you and here are what we think were the best in terms of elegance and design.

ELLIOT, designed by Giorgio Cattelan, a geometrical table with steel and lacquered graphite base,
 created with the composition of oblique pyramids. The top is in burned oak with irregular edges and
 represents an absolute modernity. It is a table you could adapt to every room because available in different 
versions: round, rectangular, extendible, warm like wood, aggressive like marble. In all version it 
maintains its modern design.


CONVIVIUM by Giorgio Cattelan is a suitable modern console, with a huge functional mood. It is the icon of the eclecticism of 
Cattelan Italia. Like a mirror play Convivium speaks about the future interior design with different images 
according to different points of view. You look at it, you move and look at it again because it is
something that catch your attention. It is dynamic and functional.
The base is harmonic and all the piece has an equilibrium. Available in white lacquered embossed, graphite or
 satin steel. The top is extendible and as a magic touch it transforms the consoles into a table. It is available in white climb 
laminated, ossido grigio or walnut Canaletto with extensions matching the top. A huge scale of emotions, an eccentric vision where the support is a radial sequence which match 
the glass top.


Domino, by Andrea Lucatello, is a table with the base in walnut Canaletto or oak stained ash, mix
 walnut-oak or multi colour lacquered. It fits in glamour rooms and represents the synthesis of a perfect
 equilibrium of creativity and rigor, design and the intention of going out from schemes.
 With the glass top, Domino is available in the oval or rectangular versions, clear or extraclear glass. Very 
glamour the melange of colours.


The chair ISABEL, designed by Paolo Cattelan, represents the sense of living out of the usual scheme 
of time. A balanced inventive for a sophisticated comfort, it fits to live with different concept of furniture,
from the most classic one to the most modern one. It is the icon of the chairs, soft in the seat and 
gorgeous in the detail. Available in many different soft leather colours to suite anybody taste.

For more info on any of the Cattelan furniture don’t hesitate to contact us via email or visit our modern furniture showroom in Cambridge.

Hope to see you soon. Ciao

How to choose the right dining table

Are you looking to buy a dining table or a kitchen table? But you don’t know which finish or size could be the best for you and your family? Here’s some advice and if you still feel confused you can always call me and I will be happy to give you the best advice. You can call me directly to 01223 327463 or email me on info@belvisifurniture.co.uk.

I have pinned down few key point that will help you choose the right table.

The first consideration to do is in which room the table will be in, are you looking for a family kitchen dining table or a dining table that you will use for the occasional dinner party with your friends and family? If so how many people do you need to seat?

Space is a must in modern houses, so it is worth considering if you need a fixed or an extending dining table. Do you have the space for a large fixed table or would an extending table be better, extending tables are especially useful for a multi-purpose dining table. Ideal if you need to sit a few people every day, but would also like the option of being able to invite your friends for a dinner!

If you decide to go for an extending dining table make sure you have a large enough room for the table to be extend fully.

Is it a simple hinged folding design, does it need to slide out on a track and require you to fold down extra legs, or is it an automated leaver operated design?

Once that you have decided on which room your table will go, and whether or not is going to be extending table or fixed table, it’s time to consider the shape!

A round dining table, round tables are great for kitchens and make for a friendly informal dining experience. Very nice and simple round table is the Calligaris Planet Table or the Cattelan bistro hugo round table, with a nice modern look and affordable too.

Rectangular tables are very practical and allow for full maximisation of available space, you can easily fit a large number of people around them, making them perfect for a dinner party’s.

So you’ve decided where your table will be going, if it will be fixed or extending, and what shape you would like it to be. The next point I would consider is the type of base the table has. The main choices you come across are pedestal base or the more traditional legs on each corner. Small round kitchen tables are best with pedestal bases as it allows for flexible seating arrangements. As well a large oval dining table would be best with a pedestal base for much the same reason. Where a small rectangular table would generally be best on a set of four legs

Your last consideration and most important one is what type of table top, wooden, glass or melamine. Each one has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and at the end of the day it comes down to personal choice, but consider – Wooden tops are a great way to introduce a traditional material into your dining room, and a small round kitchen table can look lovely with a wood finish.

Glass tops help to create an ultra-modern contemporary look, perfect for showing off at a fancy dinner party. They can be very easy to clean and don’t mark as easily as wood.

Melamine tops or the new Alucompact top are hard wearing, easy to clean great for family use and child friendly :) too. We truly recommend the Ciacci Domino table, simple modern Italian design.

At Belvisi we also sell bespoke dining table that can be designed just for you. Call Belvisi Furniture and our style team will gladly help you match your dream dining table to your vision of fine entertaining. Ciao

Cattelan Spyder Fix Dining Table

cattelan-modern-spyder-dining-tableA centrepiece of sparkling light, the Spyder dining table has a 15mm thick clear glass top balanced by the geometry of criss-cross legs. For the most contemporary effect, choose cool matt white, matt graphite steel or polished  stainless steel for the Spyder base. To  achieve a warmer distinction, we also offer the base in sumptuous Canaletto walnut or wenge wood.

This glorious statement is offered in five accommodating sizes and with the option of a crystal-clear glass top to deepen the reflective lustre still further. Call Belvisi Furniture and our style team will gladly help you match your Spyder table to your vision of fine entertaining.

Calligaris-magic-j-coffee-dining-tableCalligaris Magic J Coffe Dining Table is the best modern space saving dining table for modern houses. With this table you have two table in one.