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The New Year is almost here which means that there are new design trends on the horizon! A new year means a fresh start and it is the perfect time to revamp your home. If you’re trying to figure out what to do with your home next year, here are a few trends that we believe will make their way to your homes within the next year.

Neutrals and earthy tones

Neutral colours will be in once again in 2020. The classic shades of white with warm undertones will make an excellent choice for your walls, but also great options for furniture including sofas.

Earth tones like rich greens, taupe and clay colours create a natural look in your interior. Those colours will help you relax and unwind after a long day. Green is such a fresh colour, as we embrace earthy tones and sustainable home accessories, you should in fact include splashes of green throughout your home. Green plants add the perfect pop of colour and fresh, clean air into your home.  (Check our previous post on how to use plants in your interior)

Velvet and soft materials

Velvet may not be everyone’s favourite choice of material, but it is going to continue being trendy in 2020. It is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort and with extremely wide selection of colours; it is a popular material for sofas and armchairs. The possibilities for velvet furniture in 2020 are endless and we are excite to see more of that material in your homes.

As well as velvet, soft leathers and nabuk will be extremely popular. If you like to cosy up with a good book or a film, perhaps its time to invest in a new, soft sofa.

Black and white interiors

High-contrast designs are very in for the upcoming year! The clash between light and dark is easy to achieve; black chairs and sofas with white pillows, chevron print, black and white marble, there are many textiles and patterns variations incorporating black and while. If you always wanted to paint one of our walls black, now it is the time.

Floral wallpaper

Floral fabrics and wallpaper are another trend to look forward to in 2020. We do not mean floral patterns as we remember from our grandmas curtains; we are talking strong, vibrant, contrasting colours that will make your walls pop. (See one of our latest post on wallpaper in modern interiors for some inspiration)

Return of black

We can predict that black will be huge in the upcoming year, from wall finishes, furniture to kitchens, sinks and counter tops. Visit our Cambridge showroom to view our brand new display showcasing a matte black kitchen.

Black can make your home look high end and on-trend, if you are worried it may make your room look smaller and feel a little claustrophobic just contrast it with lighter colours like previously mentioned. We are very much so looking forward to many brave matte blacks in interiors next year.

Non- white kitchen

If there was one main kitchen trend defining the 2010s, it was for sure the all-white kitchen.

However we are expecting it to change in the New Year, there will be a shift towards spaces that go beyond just white. We can see bright colours making an appearance in kitchen interiors as well as more natural wood and shelves to keep the space bright and airy.

2020 is looking bright with bold colours, floral prints, brave black and natural decor. Be wild with next year’s trends and transform your space. We can’t wait to make your interior design dream come true. Contact one of our designer now! Call us o 01223 327 463 or email us on

Have a great 2020!!


Wallpaper in modern interiors

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Using wallpaper in your interiors can be a great tool to create a breath-taking look. Wall coverings can add a touch of luxury, texture and colour to any room in your house. Keep reading to find inspiration for your next project.


Wallpaper in the bedroom as a feature wall behind the bed can help you achieve the grand headboard look. By choosing soft, neutral colours that relate to your bedding or bed frame, it will create a dialog between the wall and bed.

Alternatively, you can go bold and play with the wallpaper, making it the centrepiece of your bedroom. Make sure you keep the furniture and other soft textiles neutral or within the same colour palette. It will help to avoid making the room feel heavy.

Dining Room

Modern wallpaper is the perfect way to add a wow-factor and allure. Dress your walls in decisive, modern patterns to create an entertaining space.

Experiment with bright colours and bold patterns in your dining room. Floral and stripes are always a great choice, but with so many wallpaper designs now, we dare you to go for something extraordinary.

Entrance / Hallway

Make the best first impression in your home and create a welcoming entrance that your guests will love and be inspired by. Hallway wallpaper can determine the expectations for the rest of the house, so make an impact! Patterned wallpaper is a great way to add personality to your hallway.  Whether you opt for plain colour or bold powerful design – it never should be boring.

Living Room

Living Room is a place for you to relax after a long day, watch a movie or read a good book. When it comes to making a statement in the living room, wallpaper is your go to. Whether you aim for a sophisticated and modern, romantic or vibrant interior, there is a wall covering to match all the styles.

Home Office

Adding wallpaper to your home office can help you create a nice atmosphere that will inspire you to work and keep you focused.


Using wallpaper in the bathroom is a great way to add a splash of colour and texture to a room that can sometimes be designed just with functionality in mind. Using Glasswallpaper or waterproof wallpaper is a great modern way to transform your bathroom.

Have we inspired you?

Contact us for more information! We have a selection of high quality wallpapers from London Art and Baboon to inspire your interiors. Need a full interior design service? Let us do the job and watch your room transform into a modern, luxury space.

Call us on 01223 327 463 or email us on:


Today, more than ever before, settling on a decision to stop, admire the skyline and consider the future, think about what’s to come is an important one.  This is the reason why LAGO during the Christmas season has chosen to take the step towards a sustainable journey, launching the initiative to give new trees to our planet. In this way the wood lives, dies for us to enjoy it in our homes and is reborn.

The awareness and love for the future are the key inspiration for sustainable design. LAGO is using materials that do not impact the environment during the production stage as a symbol of their desire to protect our plant each and every day.

From 8th of December 2019 to 8th of January 2020, LAGO will be gifting a tree to the planet when you buy an AIR Table, 36e8 Kitchen or LAGO bed in Wildwood. Using Treedom you can plant a tree from a distance and follow it online.

Let’s make the wood grown!


1.Request your tree by filling out a form 

2.Come and see us at Belvisi Kitchens and Furniture, Cambridge

3.Buy at least one of the following products: LAGO Air Table, LAGO 36e8 Kitchen, LAGO Bed in Wildwood

4.Wait for a confirmation email with a tree code

5.Plant your tree in LAGO ‘ Living Forest’ and watch it grow with us

LAGO Air Table

LAGO 36e8 Kitchen

LAGO Flutta Bed

Request your promotional code and contact us today to plant your tree! You can email us on, call us on 01223 327463 or pop into our Cambridge Showroom.

Give a tree to our planet this Christmas !

Classic Blue- Pantone’s colour of the year 2020!

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Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.

We have rounded up range of inspirations showing how blue can be used in your interior.

Incorporating Classic Blue at home is a welcomed style update – a well-loved colour that suits most interior styles. This intense, rich colour represents creativity, making it suitable for living areas, kitchens and table settings. Take on this trend with a strong statement pieces. A blue sofa or comfortable armchair will add that needed pop of luxury and confidence to any living room.

This soft and unobtrusive blue creates a calming atmosphere in bedrooms and adds a colourful feature to furniture fronts. We love the blue wardrobe and bedroom furniture that add depth and volume to the room.

In the dining room, blue chairs are sophisticated additions that will turn the space into an elegant talking point of the home.

Complements and bookcases can be a good way of adding blue colour in your interior if you aren’t so brave to repaint your walls or invest in a blue sofa.

Are you ready to follow the trend and add blue in your house? Need a professional advice? Our designers are here to help, contact us today!  Our designer’s concept paired with our Italian designed contemporary furniture will create a space unique to you!

Contact us in 01223 327 463 or email us on :


Our kitchen system features

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What makes our kitchens so special? The ability to customise and personalise most elements, the innovative storage solutions and the ‘ I want this in my kitchen’ accessories. Discover the features of our kitchens and you will never want to settle for a standard design.
Dishwasher / Fridge modules with niche

The modularity of our kitchens allows us to personalise your kitchen. The use of 75cm wide doors allows the dishwasher area to be equipped with open space. It is perfect for storing dishwasher tablets and cleaning products.

We can do the same with open tall unit next to your fridge. You can use it to store your red wine or soft drinks that do not need to be in the fridge.

Accessories for appliances

Specially designed pull-out accessories make the most of the space which is created by using standard size electrical appliances in our 75cm wide tall units. The accessories offer handy solution to storing your coffee pots, wine glasses and other small accessories. Convenient way of storing baking trays when not in use.

Walk in Corner Storage

Our large walk in corner cabinets can be configured in various models with several internal layouts allowing full personalisation. You can use it as shelved pantry storage, a small utility where you can place your washing machine or just a storage unit for hoovers and cleaning products.

Modules to contain

Tall units with retracting doors offers sleek and elegant kitchen design while providing internal solutions that satisfy all daily needs in the kitchen. The simple and fast door closing systems can hide inside anything from ovens, coffee machines, work spaces and wine storage. When not in use, just simply close the door and enjoy your clean, minimal kitchen.

Storage Solutions

Tall units are equipped with several modules allowing the dynamic and orderly organisation of food and accessories. The internal tall units can house integrated fridges and ovens. The addition of glass shelves and dedicated lighting offers the entire system a touch of sophistication.

Open elements

Different open storage solutions allow the side panels of bases and tall units to be personalised, making the end of units run or island usable. Range of boiserie panels let the kitchen system flow into living room, connecting both spaces while providing practical storage / display furniture.

Our aim is to create a functional and beautiful kitchens, contact one of our designers on , give us a ring on 01223 327463 or alternatively pop into our Cambridge showroom to discuss all possible solutions for your new kitchen.